Crochet Bavarian Square Pattern

Crochet Bavarian Square
Crochet Bavarian Square
Crochet Bavarian Square

Crochet Bavarian Square

The Crochet Bavarian Stitch is a concept that is worked in a square. With raised edges, it appears to puzzle together like mosaic tiles.

Initially, it feels difficult to accomplish but the trick is the starting rnds of 1 – 2 to create the spaces needed to puzzle in the rnds 3 – 4. You begin to see that it’s the blanket that gets bigger. Every 2nd round, on rnds 5, 7, 9, 11 and etc, the rounds have an extra Bavarian circle applied into position. The even rounds are the finishing rounds of each of the Bavarian circles.

I have upgraded this pattern to have a free downloadable written pattern with a crochet diagram included to give you a visual helping hand.

You can use any yarn you wish, just ensure the hook size compliments the yarn recommendation. This is a tight stitch, so you may want to increase your hook size 1 or 2 sizes up to give a more relaxed tension.

Bavarian Crochet Square
Bavarian Crochet Square

Stopping and Starting Points.

Where to start the next colour. It is always going to be in the same spot on the square, each time. Start in the ch-1 sp before a corner when changing colours to start up again. You will see, as you build outward, the stopping and starting places are always the same.

In the picture, you see rnds 1 – 6.


Where You Will Most Likely Screw Up

The corners have (4 tr. Ch 1. 4 tr. Ch 1. 4 tr) in the same stitch. It’s the only time 3 sets of 4 trebles are in the same st. The odd rounds starting in rnd 3, 5, 7 and etc will have only 2 sets of 4 trebles in the Bavarian Circles along the sides. I found myself sometimes forgetting to put in the 3 sets of trebles in a corner and having to frog to go back and fix it.

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Crochet Bavarian Square Pattern

Video Tutorial

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  1. Ayesha

    Happy New Year, if you celebrate!
    Thank you so much for a wonder, easy to follow tutorial for such a beautiful stitch pattern/blanket. Question: How do I make this in a single color? I’m not sure how to proceed after the second round because you cut color 1 and start color 2 in a different spot than where color 1 ends. Thank you for any insight you can offer.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • If you’re trying to avoid cutting your yarn at all to move to the stitch referenced in the pattern, you could try slip stitching to the spot you need to be in.

  2. Sandra

    I’d like to know what the back of this looks like?

    • Mikey

      I’m sorry, I don’t have the sample to turn it over to take a photo. The pillow I did is already assembled. I’m sorry again.

  3. Nancy Peterson

    I really like this pattern. The chart is correct, but the written part does not reference the back post treble stitches. Thank you for writing and charting this pattern.

  4. Patti

    How much yarn do I need for a queen size blanket?

    • Mikey

      Morning Patti, I have not made a Queen Size in this pattern. I don’t know how much yarn would be needed for it. I’m sorry, I would hate to guess and be way off. Bavarian tends to use a lot of yarn as it’s textured base.

  5. Kathy Coddington

    It appears that there are some errors in the written pattern.
    You only list the bp stitches in the special stitches and not in the pattern itself. You have 4 trtog and 8 trtog. Also on row three, at the end and beginning of the repeat you have a ch 5. Need only 1?
    For row 5 in the red section, you have sc in the next sc st. Shouldn’t that be sc in the next ch 1 sp? That is shown twice in row 5 and also in row 6.
    Just some of my observations.
    Thanks for writing this up. Appreciate you.

  6. Pam

    What colors were used in the above Bavarian Stitch Square Afghan,by Paula Foster.The yarn I think is Caron Simply Soft. Thanks!

  7. Joyce F.

    Hi Mikey, I made this square, first in two colors, then I tried three colors I found it easy to make, I would like to know how to to join the squares to make a multi-colored afghan for my best firends bed. She fell in love with the three color square. She wants me to make her an afghan. I told her that it would be just one large square; she would prefer a multi colored afghan using squares of different colora and joined in white. I agree with her, I think tht it would be beautiful, Can you please tell me how to join the squares?

    • tina

      you know how the pattern ends up using 2 rounds to make the circle (or quadrants) of Mikey’s pattern? I bet if you did 1 row, (the one quadrant corner and the half moons that his pattern points out) you will end up with a square shaped piece (before you do the 2nd round and make the scalloped edges). If you made squares that ended on that 1 round and then joined it together (just weaving or SC along the two edges), it could work to have squares with different centers…?

  8. janet

    Hi do you send out newsletters i would love to keep to date with your crochet work

  9. love this stitch! Can you give us a pattern to work Bavarian Stitch row-by-row instead of just in rounds?

  10. Parrot Pastor

    Video instructions and written don’t agree. On the 2nd row where you do 4 treble your,written then say c2. The video says c1.

    • Parrot Pastor

      Mikey, please check written instructions. I may be reading it wrong but they also don’t say to finish each quadrant by sc in previous sc stitch. I don’t think I’m describing this well. Sorry.

      • Mikey

        I don’t understand. This is a Crochet Bavarian Square.

  11. Gigi

    Quick question Mikey…I would like to make this in three colors. Would you suggest making different squares and joining or make as one big square just repeating colors?

  12. Gigi

    Can’t wait to try this beautiful pattern!

  13. Lori

    This is beautiful! Can’t wait to try this!!

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