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Crochet Bavarian Square
Crochet Bavarian Square

Crochet Bavarian Square

The Crochet Bavarian Stitch is a concept that is worked in a square. With raised edges, it appears to puzzle together like mosaic tiles.

Initially, it feels difficult to accomplish but the trick is the starting rnds of 1 – 2 to create the spaces needed to puzzle in the rnds 3 – 4. You begin to see that it’s the blanket that gets bigger. Every 2nd round, on rnds 5, 7, 9 , 11 and ect, the rounds have an extra Bavarian circle applied into position. The even rounds are the finishing rounds of each of the Bavarian circles.

I have upgraded this pattern to have a free downloadable written pattern with a crochet diagram included to give you a visual helping hand.

You can use any yarn you wish, just ensure the hook size compliments the yarn recommendation. This is a tight stitch, so you may want to increase your hook size 1 or 2 sizes up to give a more relaxed tension.

Bavarian Crochet Square
Bavarian Crochet Square

Stopping and Starting Points.

Where to start the next colour. It is always going to be in the same spot on the square, each time. Start in the ch-1 sp before a corner when changing colours to start up again. You will see, as you build outward, the stopping and starting places are always the same.

In the picture you see rnds 1 – 6.


Where You Will Most Likely Screw Up

The corners have (4 tr. Ch 1. 4 tr. Ch 1. 4 tr) in same stitch. It’s the only time 3 sets of 4 trebles are in the same st. The odd rounds starting in rnd 3, 5, 7 and etc will have only 2 sets of 4 trebles in the Bavarian Circles along the sides. I found myself sometimes forgetting to put in the 3 sets of trebles in a corner and having to frog to go back and fix it.

Video Tutorial