Sugar & Shine Baby Crochet Blanket Pattern

Crochet Sugar and Shine Baby Blanket
Sugar & Shine Baby's First Afghan
Sugar & Shine Baby’s First Afghan

Sugar & Shine Baby’s First Afghan

Crochet Baby Square Afghan will measure approximately 39″ square using 6 balls of 100 G or 3.5 OZ yarn balls. Use more balls if desired to be bigger. 

The Afghan is smaller in this photo than the finished size as this pattern indicates. This photo is to give you a representation on how subtle and sweet the colours are. Normal baby afghans measure about 38″ – 40″ in size.  

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Sugar & Shine Baby’s First Afghan Pattern

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  1. Joy

    Thank you for the beautiful pattern and super easy to follow video directions! I consider myself a beginner as I joined a local group about a year ago. We now have our first brand new granddaughter so I used 7 different shades of pinks, greens, lavendars, and yellows, as well as varigated versions and it turned out beautifully. I changed colors every 3 rows and then did 2 rows of pink sc plus a fan stitch around the edges. Now it’s in the mail from Ohio on the way to our granddaughter in California!

  2. Nadia Lister

    Thank you Mike … this was my very first blanket I crotchet’ed ?! I have never attempted to crotchet as I felt it was too hard for little ol’ me ??. But you and Bella Coco have taught me and put me on the road and I absolutely love getting my crotche’ting out every evening. My granddaughter’s Sugar & Shine blanket is still with her every night. Thank you for making your tutorials easy to follow … I am currently making another one of the Sugar & Shine blanket for one of my friends who’s expecting a baby girl in a couple of months.
    Nadia Lister [Surrey, UK]

  3. Thank you Mikey! I have only been a member for a short while but I have learned so much from your tutorials! I mostly did knitting before but after joining this group , I am sold on crochet! So thank you for that and for your hard work making all the tutorials which are so important for us beginners!
    Viv Walmsley

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