Craft: Toilet or Paper Towel Roll Pom Pom Hat Ornament

Craft: Toilet or Paper Towel Roll Pom Pom Hat Ornament

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This cute idea uses yarn and a toilet roll to make a cheap Christmas Ornament. It’s a yarn wrapped around and formed into a hat.

I saw this idea on Tik Tok but no measurements were given. I figured those out on my own but the idea itself was inspired by casual viewing on Tik Tok.


  1. Toilet Roll
  2. Yarn Chunky Weight #5 (Red Heart Hygge is Used Here)
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil/Pen
  5. Measuring Tape


The tutorial is below demonstrating steps.

  1. Measure the toilet roll to 1/2″ and cut keeping the roll as a solid circle.
  2. Cut strands 14″ long. See the video to do this quickly.
  3. Add each strand separately to the brim like adding fringe to a project.
  4. Once all cardboard is covered, pull the strands tighter and insert the strands through the middle to the opposite side.
  5. Measure about 3″ from the bottom of the brim and tie all strands together.
  6. Trim remaining strands after the tie to form a pom pom.
  7. Brush the pom pom to separate the plies. Cut and shape pom as desired.

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