Crochet Beach Bag Pattern

Crochet Beach Bag
4th of July Beach Bag
4th of July Beach Bag

Beach Bag

Introducing this oversized cotton crochet beach bag. This bag is called the 4th of July Beach Bag.

There is no doubt about it, this bag is huge. A beach bag that can hold towels, picnic and even a blanket at the same time. I was surprised how big this really was.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Beach Bag

The pattern features a chevron wave on the sides. In the tutorial, I show you how to carry the yarn instead of having to hide in loose ends all of the time.

Make one for yourself. This is part of Yarnspirations’ Summer Beach Bag Stitch-Along for the summer of 2015.

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Video Tutorial

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  1. Judy Jones

    I don’t understand the handle assembly instructions…
    “With RS of Tote facing, push ends of
    Handle through slits of Front Panel to
    WS. Sew ends tog. Bring halves of
    Handle tog and taking 2 strands of A tog, wrap center 4 ins [10 cm] of Handle as shown in picture.”
    The handle is done in red, but color A is white. What is meant by… Wrap center 4 inches of handle as shown in picture? I do not see anything in the picture showing the red handle wrapped with white yarn. Can you please explain this part?

    • Mikey

      Let me take a look and so I am clear.

      A – You are saying that a picture has been taken off of the pattern and want an explanation from yarnspirations for them doing so?
      B – You want a clarification why the pattern is stating a colour when the model colour isn’t the same?

      I reviewed my tutorial that was attached so I could see what you were talking about as I had wrapped the handle in the tutorial but I used the same colour as the handle.

      I’ll circle back at the end of the week or beginning of next as I have to go through Yarnspirations to inquire why the pattern has been changed. You could also send a message to Yarnspirations directly and usually they provide details like this. You can contact them through here as this is their pattern and they have details that I don’t directly. So I would have to wait for the jump of people to people to people before I will get an answer.

  2. Tabitha McPherson

    Can i use caron cotton cakes to make a bag like this? If not should i use the recommended yarn then?

    • Mikey

      I would use 100% Cottom. Cotton doesn’t shrink or stretch. You need strength if you are looking to do a bag. You can use Cotton Cakes for the smaller bags but for the this size, definitely 100% Cotton like Bernat Handicrafter or Lily Sugar’n Cream.

  3. Melissa Turner

    No blue button

  4. Susan

    I’ve read the written pattern, watched the video, and am looking at every picture I can find of this, and I am *so* confused.

    Looking at the picture on the pattern and at the picture on this page, there are 14 “stripes” (28 rows) in the pattern
    C A B A C A B A C A B A C{with handle holes} A

    But reading the pattern directions it says to make the pattern up to B, put the handle holes in a pair of A rows, then work two more C rows.

    What am I reading wrong?

    Also, the pattern says to make it 14″ high then do the handle, but if I do the same number of rows as both bags show, I only get 12″ or so. And I did check my gauge. (and cursed as I frogged and tangled that much yarn!) What size should a handle-side panel be when it’s complete but before it is attached to the other panels?


  5. I like them all. I prefer to finish my rows,so I don’t waste yarn.great colors!

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