Crochet Earphone Cover Pattern

Crochet Ear Phone Covers
Crochet Ear Phone Covers
Crochet Ear Phone Covers

Crochet Earphone Cover Pattern

Crochet over the wire on your earphones to prevent the tangling of the wires. The Crochet Earphone Cover is a simplistic pattern.

Using spare yarn, you can single crochet over the wire to thicken it up. For myself, I roll the headphones and store them in the lapel area of my jacket. When I am travelling, I can just pull them out and use them immediately instead of having to untangle them.

Free Pattern: Crochet Earphone Cover

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  1. Sylvia P

    Love it! Definitely something I didn’t know
    I needed!! I just ordered two new pairs of earbuds today and they will be getting sweet crochet “sweaters” as soon as they arrive! I’m thinking I can use up my scraps of yarn and I would like the left and right sides to be different colors so I can quickly tell them apart. Thank you for sharing! !! 😁

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