Crochet Graduate Gift Jar Pattern

Crochet Graduation Gift Jar
Crochet Graduate Gift Jar
Crochet Graduate Gift Jar

Crochet Graduate Gift Jar

The Crochet Graduate Gift Jar is a meaningful crochet gift which the jar can be a symbol of being proud but also possibly loaded with sweet savoury treats too.

Originally, I was going to put loonies and twoonies with some bills and gift cards inside. In talking to Daniel, moving away to a dorm or moving on in life sometimes requires something meaningful to remind us of the journey from which we came.

I paired an Artisan Handmade Journal that I got from a local artist. Daniel said to pour soup mix into the jar and give a journal where the first page is the recipe for when the person is hungry and wanting something homemade. Essentially to remind them of home.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Graduation Gift Jar

Sometimes, it’s the simplest items you can give which can have the most memorable meaning to last a lifetime. All it takes is to show someone the way and to follow a few short instructions.

Daniel is a university graduate and myself if a college graduate. Going off from highschool was a big deal but a sense that adulthood was just around the corner.


Graduate Gift Jar with Recipe
Graduate Gift Jar with Recipe

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