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Mikey in Studio
Mikey in Studio

Make A Tutorial Request

We get requests across the social media platforms, including in email format. However, this page will act as a central hub for making a formal request. With being in business for over 12 years, I’ve come to understand what types of projects work best and what projects should be skipped.

Permissions to Film

We have the blanket permission to film any patterns inside However, we have a boundary set that we do not film another current Yarnspirations Teacher’s patterns as they have the capability of filming up their own patterns. You can reach out to them to request they film up their patterns directly. Most of them have websites with a contact email or you can find them in social media. We can also film any pattern where Jeanne and I are the designers as well.


We do not film just anything. We do not film any designers’ patterns where its a paid pattern or not listed in the Yarnspirations free pattern library. This also includes asking for us to film a section of a pattern that doesn’t belong to Yarnspirations or our own designs. That’s a copyright infringement.

Be Specific with Request

Designing one of the Study of Texture Blankets takes about 170 hours and that’s not including filming. So requesting us to make a double size blanket with a certain stitch requests research and development which can absorb a lot of time. The goal of the requests is to find something that is already existing in pattern format for me to study, grab a camera and get to work.

When Requesting a Video Below

  • Provide me with a link either from The Crochet Crowd Website or Yarnspirations Website where the pattern is. This will speed me through to find the resources to study your request. Any patterns outside of these two website properties are legally out of bounds for me to film. I won’t take a risk on filming copyright materials.
  • Provide me with a reason why you want it filmed up. Is there something about the pattern that is hard for you? If you cannot read a pattern, you can state that but I am looking for tidbits of knowing where to focus. If there is a backstory, I’d love to know that too.
  • Be thoughtful in your request that is truly something you want to be filmed for you. Don’t just randomly pick things that you think others would enjoy. We want to know your wishes.
Get More Information
CLICK HERE: Fill Out Form to Request Tutorial

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Mermaid Bag Tag Pattern
  2. Crochet Spinning Wheels Blanket Pattern
  3. Crochet Octagon Baby Blanket Pattern
  4. Crochet Hanging Pot Cozy Pattern
  5. Crochet Bag Patterns


  1. Dawn

    I would love to have a tutorial video foe6the “Bernat Gentle Waves”. That is a beautiful blanket. Looked all over for a tutorial for this. Appreciate any assistance please. Thank

  2. Naomi Suss

    Hi. I would like to request a video tutorial for the Crocheted Mitered
    Square Shawl from Red heart. (LW4052) I think it would be very popular , but is different from other patterns. I also think the join as you go feature would be great to learn.

    Thank you

    • Mikey

      I’ll take a gander at your choice. I’ll see how I can simplify the teaching process.

    • Mikey

      This one is really hard actually. Looks pretty but the way the start and the stop going on this per round, I was circling in confusion. Realistically, I won’t be filming this one. I literally spent hours and hours trying to do one and I kept getting confused. I think if it was to be re-designed, the stopping and starting has to be changed so it’s easier to follow. I could teach it, but truth is, I think most will give up and I would as well too.

    • Mikey

      Request received, I’ll take a look when there is more time.

  3. Laurie Blair

    Right now those pocket shawls are all the rage. Perhaps you and Yarnspirations can develop a pattern and do a tutorial for a perfect fall wrap for us beginners? ♥️🧶

    • Mikey

      We’ve thought about it. The problem is that these ideas come and go so quickly. By the time we get around to designing it, testing and then writing the pattern, the pattern concept would be done for trend. Same with the idea of the buns hats. By the time everything was done, we had missed the rage.

  4. Lakshmi Vinayakrishnan

    Hi Mikey and the CC team

    You all are so amazing and so are the tutorials. I’m a self-taught crocheter and I crochet to manage my anxiety.
    I have always wanted to try making a Mochilla bag. Even got the yarn but the instructions given online are mostly too vague, for me to figure it out. I am totally incapable of reading pattern drawings and rely entirely on written instructions. It’d be lovely to see a tutorial from you on how to do a Mochilla bag from start to finish. Hope I’m not asking for too much. Thanks! 🤗

  5. Janet Broadhagen

    Textured stitches, 3d how to do, different types of yarn and how they affect the finished product. ie. fingering verses worsted. Stitch defination differences with different weights and colours.

    • I have added your request to the list I have growing for him to check out.

    • I have a list started of tutorial requests to check out, this one has been added

    • ohhh that is a pretty shawl, I have a list started of tutorial requests for Mikey to check out, this has been added

    • ohhh that is pretty!! I have a list of tutorial requests started for Mikey to go over, I will add this!

    • I have a list started for Mikey of tutorial requests and have added this 🙂

      • Hello is it possible to make a tank top and a cardigan in 5× and tuturiol in summer yarn I live in Sunny. California and it’s really hot here there are not many 5× plus size Tuturiols on youtube for the plus size community I don’t read patterns I’m a visual learner please. Thank you kindly.

  6. Terry

    Hi Mikey, I am at a loss on your Crochet Hooded Baby Blanket. I can usually figure the written instructions out but for the life of me I cannot figure out the end of row 2. As row 3 to 10 says to do the same thing it would be nice to see how it is done. Maybe go to row 17 as well.


    • I have made a list of tutorial requests for Mikey to take a look at, I have added this to the list!

  7. Linda Johnson

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (getting the hint I hope) to see tutorials on the Healing Stitches 2 project. Pretty Please

    • I have started a list of tutorial requests for Mikey to go through, this has been added 🙂

  8. Mikey will you consider doing a tutorial of Jeanne’s Christmas Trimmings Afghan?? Pretty please?

    • I would love a tutorial on Jeanne’s Christmas Trimmings. I’m stuck on row 10. Love the pattern and would like to gift it to myself for Christmas

      • Mikey

        Noted. I got stuck there as well. It was the way I was reading the pattern.

  9. Marjorie Gibson

    Mikey could you please do a tutorial for Jeanne’s Christmas Trimmings Afghan. Thank you for all you do.

  10. Darlene V Quinn

    I would love to see a tutorial on how to crochet sections together. You showed the pattern sections of the crochet woven pattern mosaic blanket in the week 1 video, or preview video, and said we could make them separate or do them all together. I didn’t do them separate but had to cut off part of the blanket and would like to see a tutorial on how to attach the sections. I ran a piece of yarn through stitches and cut a row below to detach the section I needed to do over. I still don’t understand, from other videos, how to make the stitches that I ran the yarn through stable and then make a seamless attachment of the zig-zag and offset blocks. I sent an email but saw this and decided to request a tutorial here, in case you didn’t get my email.

      • Darlene V Quinn

        Not really, Marina, but thank you. I don’t know what I am going to do. I might end up frogging the entire blanket, which I would rather not do, but it is for someone else, not myself, so I want it to look like I didn’t cut off a section, redo and then try to attach it back to the main blanket

      • sorry just seeing this, I was off on the weekend. Just saw you’re other messages, going to reread to make sure I understand then see what I can figure out. But for now, my suggestion would be to check out joins on youtube there are quite a few different techniques out there one may help

  11. Would it be possible to do a video of the Star of the Show crochet blanket from Yarnspirations? It’s hard to find the blanket yarn suggested in this area. It’s also way too hot for our part of the country. Also if using regular yarn, like I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby, what would be the stitch count?

  12. Ann Burbank

    I would love to have a tutorial for the Redheart Christmas star throw, the Bernat Santa pillow, and the Caron faux cable mittens. These were all from the crochet crowd. Thank you for your amazing tutorials and the sharing of your talent, Mikey. Enjoy your new fur baby! 💗

  13. Suzanne Mangus

    I would love a tutorial that explains things that are “understood” – like a pattern says “sc third chain from the hook” but then a video shows the actual sc going in the fourth chain…
    or there is a video you have done on foundation crochet (I think it is the one on dc) that I have watched over and over because I can’t “see” – you are starting and it looks like you are pinching the beginning chain (the one with the knot) and chaining in to next ch to start…when I do that it leaves a “tail chain” but when I chain by the knot it doesn’t look that same as your work…
    There are many details that folks with experience do with out thinking that beginners don’t understand.
    I hope I am making sense! Thanks!

  14. Karen Begeal

    I am looking for tree skirt ideas that use 2 colors
    Another thing with all the request for “does this color work” for a specific pattern can we have a suggestion of color tone instead. Say if it calls for 4 colors say a light a dark and 1 mid tone with a neutral. I know that isn’t coming out right but I hope it’s enought to give you the idea I’m looking at. Thanks Mikey and team

  15. Cathy Mitsopolos

    I would love to see a tutorial for a short bolero with sleeves.
    Thank you for all your videos and your great advice!!

  16. Doreen McCarthy

    Any help on planned pooling would be great. What yarns, which is better moss or granny or something else. That type of thing.

    Love you even if you can’t. 💕💕

    Thanks for all you do! 😘

  17. Lynne Borle

    You have shown me how to make an “inset” mosaic pattern, now I would love for you to show me the other method – where you end off at the end of every row.

  18. Joanna E Austin

    would love to see a waffle pattern for a full afghan
    love you videos..thanks Joanna

  19. Annette Carnell

    Hi ! Sorry, I meant to ask for the Healing Stitches blanket , either version would be awesome !! Thanks to you and Daniel and team for all you do !!

  20. Lina J

    Hi Mickey, I tried making this hooded baby blanket a few times. Struggled with it. Yes I know it says it is an easy pattern but for some reason I am not getting it right. I learn better by following a video tutorial. Just wondering if you can make one for this pattern? Please and thank you
    It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

  21. Kelly M Lane

    Hi Mikey and CC team.
    Jeanne’s Christmas trimmings afghan is gorgeous and calling my name lol. Could you please make a video for this one? It has a traditional xmas feel to me and would love to make it.
    There are just too many afghans to choose from between Crochet Crowd and Yarnspirations I can’t keep up. Thanks for all you do, its truly a lifesaver for me.
    K Lane

  22. Paris

    I’d love to see a tutorial of the Boomerang Throw. I found the crochet pattern a little bit tricky to make.

    • Mikey

      That was supposed to be our Australian Crochet Cruise Theme Community Blanket. It looks complicated but it looks fun too. Noted.

  23. Deana McHatton

    Please can you do a tutorial for Jeanne’s new blanket. The holiday one. I love it but I can’t read patterns. I crochet by watching your tutorials. I would love to make this none so PLEASE do a tutorial. Pretty please!!!!

    • Pam

      I am very interested in Jeanne’s newest holiday blanket as well. I can read written patterns, but…There is no replacement for Mikey’s instructional videos! Makes learning fun and projects are way more accurate! Even if it’s just through the first repeat… Thanks, Mikey! You are very appreciated!

  24. Melissa Gehue

    I don’t know if this has been suggested or if there is a yarnspirations pattern for it but I would like to know how to do the mosiac blankets that I have recently seen online.

    • Mikey

      We have several filmed, including the recent ones. Which blanket in particular are you looking for?

    • Connie

      I love the Fair Ilse hat and scarf!! Maybe add matching fingerless gloves and sweater!! And dog sweater!

  25. Michelle Caringella

    I would love a tutorial on how to crochet one of those knight helmet hats with the movable visor. My son would love one, but I struggle with patterns.

    • Mikey

      Can you give a link for that on Yarnspirations. I cannot seem to find it.

      • Michelle Caringella

        I don’t have a link.
        A friend’s son had one his grandma made. But, she has passed. I’ve seen pictures for some and seen a pattern once, but struggle with reading patterns and with hats.

        Sigh. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it.

        I remember the “visor” was movable. It was attached to the helmet/hat with a large button on each side.

      • Andrea MacDonald

        I loved learning the new technique of mosaic crochet. It was challenging and fun to do something different and unique. I love tunisian crochet and would love to learn how to cross stitch on top of the tunisian. I thi k this technique would be easier to learn on video rather than written instructions.

  26. Bre Stone

    Christmas trimmings afghan, pleaee

    • Andrea MacDonald

      I second this

  27. Lina J

    I tried making this hooded baby blanket a few times. I took it apart so many times because it was bunching up. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Yes I know it says it is an easy pattern but for some reason I am not getting it right. I have been hoping for a tutorial for this pattern for a long time now. I sent a message on facebook but no reply. I recently saw you do not reply on fb only by email. I was going to email you but this is much better.
    I learn better from seeing/video tutorial then reading a pattern.
    Anyway this is the link to the pattern I hope you can make a video tutorial for.
    It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

  28. Hey Mikey. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I want to make Jeannie’s newest Christmas Afghan as a gift! Im on a crappy phone and cant do links. 😭 Please help me and others who learn better with videos. Love y’all 😍

  29. lee Clark

    Please if possible could a video tutorial be done on the Healing stitches I and II and Also the christmas blanket that Jeanne has created. Thank you very much.

  30. Theresa M Barzly I would love to know if you can make a video of this pattern. I am not very good with the textured stitches and reading the patterns. I have learned so many things from you the last few years. Thank god for your patterns and videos. I have been able to crochet items I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you so very much for taking the time to film the projects and show us what do do. Those of us who have difficulty reading patterns.

  31. Joanne Montford

    I recently requested a crochet pattern for FOX PAWS KNITTING PATTERN BY XANDY PETERS.
    I hope this new information is helpful.

    • Mikey

      We are not legally allowed to film that. It’s not one of our designs or in the pattern catalogue of Yarnspirations. I’m sorry. To do the conversion to crochet would violate copyright infringement as well. I’m sorry.

  32. Joanne Montford

    I would really appreciate crochet instructions for FOX PAWS knitting pattern. I know you can do it Mikey. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  33. Wendy Penrod

    I don’t have a link for this as I have never seen a pattern for it. I am making a blanket on a knitting loom and would like to add sole type of crochet border to it when it is done to make it a little wider. Is there a way to do this? I have spent hours and hours looking on the internet and have found nothing for this.

    • Mikey

      I don’t understand. What are you making? What is the sole type of border?

      • Doreen Mc

        Maybe a mistype. She meant “some” type?

  34. Celia Winters

    Have two That for some reason I avoid like a ‘plague’ !
    One – changing colors n the midst of rows, carrying it forward and expanding to lite than one color.
    Two – a graphgan with a pattern. Since both my guys are NC State grads, would love to do the mascot, the wolf, that’s lots of detail.

    • Mikey

      This video shows how to change yarn over or change colour in midrow. The time marker is in the link to take you there directly.

      The graphghan with mascots or school logos are out of bounds for us. They are trademarks and the teams are also registered licenced property. We don’t own the rights to those images to produce those without legal permission. Yes, you see people do them all the time online but most of them the crocheter is inserting the logo into a graph program and doing it without consent. We cannot take that risk as we are a large presence online and it would be noticed pretty quickly that we have stolen someone’s artwork and reproduced it.

  35. Mel Mace

    Hi Mikey! Sorry that the first link didn’t work. My request for
    This would be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Caron Cotton Cakes are readily available in solid & stripes. If someone asked me where did you get that cardi? I would immediately reply that Mikey from Crochet Crowd taught me on his You Tube Channel. So hopefully there will be a tutorial on this Cardi. Thanks again for your excellent & informative videos.

    • Mikey

      I actually made this project but I never filmed it. Your request is noted.

      • Mel Mace

        Thank you Mikey for considering my request.

    • Kim

      I would like this too! Would make a great Christmas sweater!

  36. Becca

    Hi Mikey,

    Any chance of filming a stitch tutorial of how to create a cable effect with crochet? I’ve watched your video tutorial for the Cable Hat on Yarnspirations but I end up getting lost in it. It would be cool to have a tutorial that focuses just on the basics and work up of how to create that type of effect for various projects. Just an idea. Thank you:)

  37. Caitlin murrer

    I would like to see a tutorial for a wasps/hornets nest. It’s a great way to keep them away from the house without harming them because they believe there’s already a bee family living in it.

    • Mikey

      We have a pattern being made for it. I don’t know if I am going to film it. Our guest designer is writing up the pattern this week.

  38. Cornelia Finder

    Oh Mikey and Jeanne…..
    Definitely Jeanne’s new Christmas Trimmings Afghan and the Sensational Crochet Shawl (crochet crowd ),pretty please !
    Thank you and have an awesome day!

    • Ohhh I second this one. It’s SO gorgeous – but I won’t be able to do it without a video. Thank you!

    • Mikey

      Hey Sally, that’s not a loom knitting pattern. You know Kristen at Goodknit Kisses is a loom knitting expert. She may be able to help you. I’m not that familiar with looms for the conversion.

    • Donna Wise

      Please do Healing Stitches II or guilt Jeanne into it. 😇
      Would love to have a diagram. Pretty sure Jeanne won’t do that. 😀

      • Mikey

        The diagram will take Daniel several days. I cannot foresee him doing that. Noted for the tutorial request though. Daniel hates doing the diagrams and it’s like pulling teeth in asking him for something that complex.

      • Donna Wise

        Thank you for your reply and considering my request. Knew a diagram was a long shot. They are a pain to do but fun to use. Daniel seems to be happy and healthy and enjoying working outside. You both do. Don’t upset your apple cart.

      • if a graph isn’t included with a pattern, I haul out paper and draw row by row to where I am in the pattern, it usually helps.

  39. Mel Mace

    Hi Mikey! Thanks for your wonderful crochet videos. They have helped me a lot in my crocheting. I would love to see tutorials on the following cardigans from Yarnspirations. 29-010012M.pdf
    They would be fabulous additions to anyone’s wardrobe. Again thanks for all your excellent videos.

  40. Isabella Bowman

    Hopefully u will do a tutorial on this hat!!! love this hat! please do a tutorial on THE STOCKHOLM HAT BY PETITEKNIT it is knitted..

    • Mikey

      I’m sorry. I only do crochet tutorials. The pattern you are suggesting is not part of our own designs or Yarnspirations free pattern library.

    • Hi Mikey,

      I would appreciate a video on the new Christmas Trimmings Afghan.
      Also, i have been enjoying your video tours of your house.

  41. Hello! I have a couple of ideas that would be helpful. Thank you for asking! I hope honk many of us would like to learn how to crochet figures.
    1.) A tutorial about sewing appendages onto crocheted animals.
    2.) A crocheted doll from start to finish.
    3.) How to crochet a circle or sphere of any size.
    Thank you!

  42. Marie Hippsley

    Hi Mikey ,

    You are such an inspiration, you keep me going in my crochet life and love you guys so much ( Dan too ) . And the whole team you are working with . My request is that my family is from Ireland . My husband and my 3 boys were all born in Ireland and I would love if you could create a blanket with an Aran flair to it . Love it to be just theses cream colors that you see in the confi pull over that you get in Ireland . I would love to have a throw like that on my sofa where we could all cuddle up in the winter . With all the Aran twist . I love it but I only though we could do that in knitting. Would love to see it done in crochet . Hope you can help me with it . We leave in the USA for the last 6 years and I still want my kids to not lose their backgrounds heritage . We Love you . Stay safe . And cannot wait to see all your future creations.

    • Mikey

      Morning Marie, can you give me the link for that pattern on I need a pattern in order to film it.

  43. Kelley Reynolds

    How about a whole video of Tunisian crochet shawls

    • Mikey

      Can you give me the link on Yarnspirations for this? I don’t know which one you mean.

  44. Annette Carnell

    I would love to see a tutorial of Jeanne’s All in the Family throw. I’m not the greatest at reading patterns but can muddle my way through with a tutorial. It’s a beautiful throw and I would love to make it !!
    Thank you Michael and Team for all you do !!

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