Crochet Fair & Square Blanket

Crochet Fair & Square Blanket
Crochet Fair & Square Blanket
Crochet Fair & Square Blanket

Crochet Fair & Square Blanket

The Crochet Fair and Square Blanket by is a simplistic granny square with a bit of a twist.

You will definitely see two colours are being used in this blanket. Those are not cut and added on to make it feel like a project that goes on forever. Instead, the yarn is carried up along a corner. You carry the yarn up on the wrong side so it won’t interfere with the right side, the side you would look at if on display in your home.

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Crochet Fair & Square Blanket Pattern

Brittany, host of B.Hooked Crochet, will take you through a demonstration on how to complete this project. It’s really well done!

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  1. Katherine Kelley

    Brittany- you are a wonderful teacher! So thorough with clear explanations of each stich group and row. I’m a very new crocheter and I was able to understand and follow along though only my head over my am coffee not yet with yarn. Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us.

  2. Jeannie G

    This looks awesome but is there a different tutorial that uses the carrying method described in the article?

    • Donna F

      that was my thought, too – this was not what it was supposed to be about – this was simply how to make the granny squares and attach them. I hate weaving in ends – wanted to see how else to do it without using an invisible join after cutting each thread. With that method, I often don’t have my knots in exactly the right spot and start the next round with a stitch or two of the incorrect color. I could use a tutorial on that, too.

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