Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat Pattern

Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat
Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat
Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat

Crochet Family Pumpkin Festival Hat

Designed for newborns to adult men sizes. There are 9 sizes provided in this free pattern. Here in Nova Scotia, fall does cool down and Halloween can be cold. The fall festivals are a huge deal here and at a lot of family fun. These are the Crochet Family Pumpkin Festival Hats.

From the Pumpkin Regatta to the Pumpkin People Exhibits in Kentville to the Scarecrow Festival of Mahone Bay. Fall here is such a beautiful and wonderful time of year.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Free Pattern: Pumpkin Festival Hats

My friend, Michelle, free-formed a pumpkin hat for herself for last year’s Pumpkin Regatta. She is beyond cute, even without the hat. It was such a perfect accessory as the wind ripped across the cold lake. So this year, our friends are making matching pumpkin hats to go as a group. Life is short, let’s have fun.

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I have figured out the math for adjusting for the complete sizes of the family. Whether you go to a festival or just enjoy fall on your own or want to have a family of pumpkins, these are just too cute.

Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat Front
Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat Front
Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat Back
Crochet Family Pumpkin Hat Back


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  1. Kara

    No blue button

  2. Virginia

    Great pattern and video. Got two toddler hats out of one pumpkin skein and so far three curly q’s out of the green skein. Thanks much!

  3. Lori Sidney

    Is there a alternative yarn to use if bernet softee chunky is unavailable to purchase or can’t find it.?

  4. Lori Sidney

    Is there a substitute that can be used in place of the bernat softee chunky?

  5. Sara Blasingame

    The Halloween items were cute.

  6. Sara Blasingame

    Halloween items were cute.

  7. Lynda Landgraf

    Love it Mikey . Thanks a bunch.

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