Crochet Frenzy Bun Hat by Laura Jean Bartholomew
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Crochet a Frenzy Bun Hat

Crochet Frenzy Bun Hat by Laura Jean Bartholomew
Crochet Frenzy Bun Hat by Laura Jean Bartholomew

Ponytail hats, Messy Bun Hat, whatever you want to call them have been around for a while. But now they are hitting the internet in a frenzy! Yarnspirations has the Pebble Texture Hat and Mikey has a tutorial for it.

Laura Jean’s goal is to modified their pattern so you can use the skills learned here at The Crochet Crowd to make your very own.

Written pattern is Crochet Pebble Texture Hat on Yarnspirations
The tutorial is at this link.

Laura Jean used the worsted weight and a size H hook/ 5.00mm and skipped the first three rounds.  Let’s rock this thing! And get started.

  • Instructions:
    You will need a foundation to build your hat on.
    Chain 24 and join with slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop.
    Round 1: crocheting into the loop made.  Chain up 3, you will count this as a dc.  Make 32 more dc into the ring.  (33 dc)
    GO now to Round 5: Follow the written pattern from this point on.
    If you are following the tutorial  Mikey starts working on Round 5  at the 8 minute 30 second mark.
    Just follow the pattern and or tutorial to finish your new  Ponytail Hat. UPDATE AND ADDITIONAL HELP: Stitch counts as follows:
    Rnd 4:  33
    Rnd 5 and 6: 48
    Rnd 7 and 8: 62
    Rnd 9: 68.
    Note: On the dcfp  as in the tutorial Mikey is skipping the ch-3 dc from the previous row; then doing the first dcfp in the next dc  and the second one that crosses over will go around the same ch-3dc just skipped.
Frenzy Messy Bun PonyTail Hat
Frenzy Messy Bun PonyTail Hat crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber

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