Crochet a Frenzy Bun Hat Pattern

Crochet a Frenzy Bun Hat

Crochet Frenzy Bun Hat by Laura Jean Bartholomew
Crochet Frenzy Bun Hat by Laura Jean Bartholomew

Ponytail hats, Messy Bun Hat, whatever you want to call them have been around for a while. But now they are hitting the internet in a frenzy! Yarnspirations has the Pebble Texture Hat and Mikey has a tutorial for it.

Laura Jean’s goal is to modified their pattern so you can use the skills learned here at The Crochet Crowd to make your very own.

The written pattern is Crochet Pebble Texture Hat on Yarnspirations
The tutorial is at this link.

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Crochet a Frenzy Bun Hat Pattern

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Crochet a Frenzy Bun Hat Pattern

Laura Jean used the worsted weight and a size H hook/ 5.00mm and skipped the first three rounds.  Let’s rock this thing! And get started.

  • Instructions:
    You will need a foundation to build your hat on.
    Chain 24 and join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop.
    Round 1: crocheting into the loop made.  Chain up 3, you will count this as a dc.  Make 32 more dc into the ring.  (33 dc)
    GO now to Round 5: Follow the written pattern from this point on.
    If you are following the tutorial  Mikey starts working on Round 5  at the 8 minutes 30-second mark.
    Just follow the pattern and or tutorial to finish your new  Ponytail Hat. UPDATE AND ADDITIONAL HELP: Stitch counts as follows:
    Rnd 4:  33
    Rnd 5 and 6: 48
    Rnd 7 and 8: 62
    Rnd 9: 68.
    Note: On the dcfp as in the tutorial Mikey is skipping the ch-3 dc from the previous row; then doing the first dcfp in the next dc and the second one that crosses over will go around the same ch-3dc just skipped.
Frenzy Messy Bun PonyTail Hat
Frenzy Messy Bun PonyTail Hat crocheted by Jeanne Steinhilber

Laura Jean – Inspire, Create and Celebrate.

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66 thoughts on “Crochet a Frenzy Bun Hat Pattern

  1. Reading the first do you get 32 stitches if you only chain 24?then reading all the comments it seems your pattern isnt correct.

    1. You are placing the 32 sts into the ring, not into each st. So the total dc’s will out the chain circle to not leave any gaps. It’s not 1 st per chain. It’s just into the ring.

  2. On your update, you have Rnd 4 as 33 stitches. But, on your instructions after Rnd 1 you say to skip to Rnd 5 on Yarnspirations pattern. Do you do Rnd 4 or not? Thanks. Janice

  3. I’ve made this hat 3 times now and each hat has different stitch counts than what the written pattern has and what Mikey has. This pattern needs to be redone. I get to round 6 and have Mikey’s count of 48 and then the next 2 rows have 60. It throws the entire pattern off. Even following the video I’m off.

    1. After putting in 2DC’s in the end stitch on row 8 then doing the next increase round I am then up to only 64 stitches. How is this possible?!

  4. During the cross over round, I am left with an extra double crochet from the “crochet inside the ring” round. I’ve counted that round and have exactly 33 (32 DCs and one ch 3.) What am I doing wrong?

    1. I have the same thing!!!!! I’ve had to fudge it and skip the first 2 stitches (ch3 & dc) and then cross back over to the first dc. I use the ch3 as my last stitch in the round. I’m still out with my counts but it works

  5. Can you use any type yarn for this? I want to make one but I want it to be girly and cute. Not saying that regular yarn isn’t but I was thinking about the fur yarn.

  6. Just finishing up the last row which I changed from the back stitch to the camel stitch for added flare and I must say my hat is perfect, no lie, i can bend over and it doesn’t fall off, i can walk across the room and it doesn’t fall down and cover my eyes (i swear i was in inch from putting eyeholes in my hats like the character from fat albert had lol) and its not so tight my brains feel like squishing out my ears, yes my hat is perfect. How i made this perfect hat i will never know because I’ve recently discovered i cant count, i can count a row 3 times and get 3 diff. numbers, counting and crocheting at the same time is so much worse but no fuss cause I’m becoming well learned in adding and hiding stitches here and there. oh ya….did i mention my messy hat is perfect, thank you Laura and Mikey. almost forgot to mention i used Caron One Pound with a 5.5mm. Off to finish up last row and tuck ends then on my head it goes when it comes off-who knows.

  7. I tried making this hat, and I kept ending up with an extra stitch on each round after round 8. My issue was I was slip stitching into the chain 3, instead of the first FPDC. After I figured out my mistake it worked up beautifully.

  8. I’ve been crocheting for 40 years and consider myself an expert. This pattern is flawed as it does not work up to a proper size. Somewhere around row 8 the decreasing stops and the hat is barely 18 inches around. A typical adult head is 22. While there is stretch to the hat, it’s still too small. I’m now in the process of rewriting it so it fits properly. I love the stitch pattern!

    1. It sounds to me most everyone that works this pattern up is coming across some problems at some point. I’m not sure, but I read that the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but does not say what ply. As I studied the photo of the hat, it looks, to me, that they used a chunky yarn, maybe 5 ply. That could be the reason that most everyone who has tried this pattern on this post are having problems with it. Try the 5 ply and see what happens. Good luck.

      1. Worsted weight yarn means that it is #4…. the number of ply is irrelevant. And many folks have made this hat with great success. I’m not quite sure why others are struggling with it. But a #5 bulky yarn will definitely change the sizing on it.

  9. I am on row 9 of the Frenzy bun hat and I have been doing the video with Mikey and I have ended up with 63 instead of 62 so I have an extra DC. How do I fix this, not afraid to frog but I have undone it a few times and I still end up with the same count. HELP PLEASE!!

    1. Having same problem can you send me you patterns after you corrected this one. Please help I have tried hard to do it. My granddaughter is needing mone of these and I promised her I would do my best to make her one any help would be greatly appreciated. Just send me the whole pattern for it to be right. Thank you so much. My email should shown if not let me know .

  10. Hi Laura. Im sending this msg again because for reason the msg I sent you previously is gone. I have tried this pattern in the video and written. I Keep getting the wrong counts. Could you please msg me and tell me where you posted corrections for this pattern. Thank you Laura.

  11. Hi Laura I have tried this pattern with Mikey and the written pattern and the counts come out wrong on both. Could you please show me how to get where you have corrected them?Thank you.

      1. Written or video, it doesn’t matter, I have no problem. I learn that if you have to, there is no issue in fudging a stitch here or there… Funny as it may sound, this was one of the things that my Momma taught me while teaching me to crochet

  12. I love this hat, but I have crocheted this hat 2 x and both times it is not coming down as a hat, it looks more like a floppy ufo. What am I doing wrong?

    Please advise

  13. Do we still go to 7 inches when doing the messy bun hat before we do the border or does that reduce?

    1. I laid my hat down, visualized where the top of the hat would be and measured down from there. I hesitate in telling you how how many rows as our tension and gauge may vary. Consider if you want your ears covered partially or all the way. -LJ

  14. Hello! If you’re doing the messy bun version of this hat. After you do round 10 how many of the plain crossover rounds plus following DC rounds do you need to do to reach the quote 7 inches. As we started on round 5 I’m un