Crochet Hair Scrunchy Pattern

Crochet Hair Scrunchies


Crochet Hair Scrunchies
Crochet Hair Scrunchies

Crochet Hair Scrunchies are a quick and easy pattern to follow.

You can do the scrunchie so it’s just as a circle around the elastic. It’s demonstrated with Bernat Velvet.

You can add the tie section if that appeals to you or leave it off. You have the power to make your own way.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Hair Scrunchy


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  1. Janeen valdez

    Hi Mikey! I’ve been following you for a LONG time and have learned so much!
    I was wondering if you have or can post any patterns for “marshmallow mug” hats. These little gems are very trendy right now but patterns are sparse!

    Thank you!

    • Mikey

      I’ve never heard of anything like that. When there is more time, I’ll have to search Ravelry to see if anyone has done patterns for that.

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