Crochet Kerchief Pattern

Crochet Kerchief Featuring Caron Cakes
Crochet Kercheif Featuring Caron Cakes
Crochet Kerchief Featuring Caron Cakes

Crochet Kerchief

This cheery and delicious coloured Crochet Kerchief. A free pattern that is fun to make, using only one ball of Caron Cakes.

The basic gist of this scarf is about one edge constantly increasing while the other side stays flat. Crochet to about 30″ and then it reverses to being decreases to bring the other side back to a point. The colours you see changing are the Caron Cakes doing their magic of colour changing. So this is a great experienced beginner project to play with.

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Crochet Kerchief Pattern

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You will need only 1 ball of Caron Cakes with a 5 mm or size H crochet hook to complete. Tassels are optional and available on the pattern if you wish to do that to your points. Have fun, be creative and enjoy your new crochet project.

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  1. Peggy

    Thank you So much Mikey! I got to the decrease portion and the instructions did not make sense to me. The way you decrease is different from what I have done in the past but it works wonderfully.

  2. Karen Mattes

    Hi Mikey — Your written pattern at the beginning shows the words ‘increase every other row’ and ‘decrease every other row’ and I think you said that also …. but you’re increasing on EVERY row. And later with the decreasing you do say to do the double crochet on every row. Is there any way to edit this to change the written pattern in the background?

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