Crochet C2C Bias Scarf Pattern

Crochet C2C Bias Scarf
Crochet C2C Bias Scarf
Crochet C2C Bias Scarf

Crochet C2C Bias Scarf + Tutorial

If you enjoy Corner to Corner known as C2C, this easy to make scarf is Corner to Corner using Caron Cakes.

This is the Corner to Corner Bias Scarf. Let the Caron Cakes change colour as it pleases to give you a diagonal stripe effect. You will need 2 balls of Caron Cakes to make 1 scarf.

Crochet C2C Bias Scarf Pattern

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  1. Linda Kring

    Love this pattern.

  2. Kelly Kroslakova

    Hmmm.. I guess I am being silly because I can’t find the written pattern. I even went to the main page and searched the pattern. I found other patterns and they are written but nothing written here. Is someone out there who can shine the light for me? Thanks!

    • Mikey

      I’ve added a big blue button to make it easier for you to find that.

      • Kelly Kroslakova

        You’re awesome! Thank you!

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