Crochet Generous Scarf Pattern

Crochet Generous Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Generous Crochet Scarf

Crochet Generous Crochet Scarf

Crochet Generous Scarf

The Crochet Generous Scarf is actually a half double crochet lattice diamond stitch. It’s an easy repeating stitch and is 66″ long by 20″ wide.

It’s using a brand new yarn called Bernat Wavelength. The colours changing are what is coming out of the ball. The yarn is marled and really beautiful tones of yarn within.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Generous Scarf

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Mikey, aka Michael Sellick, of The Crochet Crowd, started this online journey back in 2008. A mere hobby in trying to reach out to others as he was mentally struggling with his own issues. His goal was simple, find others in the yarn communities, like him, that have a common interest.

The journey and main baby of the whole idea started with a YouTube Channel and then in 2011, an official website was developed. Michael is not only the face of The Crochet Crowd but also the working engine behind the crowd in self-taught programming, social media and so much more.

Enjoy the stitching journey. Life is short, enjoy this wonderful hobby and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.

7 thoughts on “Crochet Generous Scarf Pattern”

  1. Kelly M Lane says:

    Not sure if you knew this but its Wave length is only in Canada. I will look up a good substitute yarn available for USA. Frankly its about time Canada had something so lovely exclusive 😉 Really beautiful yarn and pattern. I have a dtr that will go nuts for it. Thank you for everything Mikey, you’re a true teacher.

    1. Kelly M Lane says:

      LOOPS & THREADS Barcelona (93% match) $$$$$ A good match. Hayfield and King Cole have some that are great matches but I’ve never seen those brands here. Hope this helps.

      1. Marina King says:

        Yes any yarn with the same weight will work for substitutions for any pattern

    2. Marina King says:

      Yes It’s a treat doesn’t happen often, I see so many exclusive to the US.

  2. Merrilee J Johnson says:

    Would like the pattern..

    Thank you.

    Merrilee J Johnson
    [email protected]

    1. Marina King says:

      click on the blue pattern button, at takes you to where you can get the pattern

  3. Mikey says:

    Video tutorials will be coming online later tonight. It’s programmed by YouTube to release once it’s ready. Both right hand and left handed version. Have a great evening.

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