Crochet Mad Willy Top Hat Pattern

Crochet Mad Willy Top Hat Pattern

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Crochet Mad Willy Hat

Crochet Mad Willy Hat

The Crochet Mad Willy Top Hat is sized for older kids to adults. It’s an option for those who prefer something reusable for Halloween or dress-up time that screams fun!

The tutorial created was the adult size but I cover the smaller sizes. For me, it fits me perfectly snug without being too tight. It means I can move my head without the worry about it falling off.

Crochet Orange Top Hat

Crochet Orange Top Hat

There is a sister hat to this one that is smaller and more fascinator styling. We also have a tutorial for this one that was filmed back many years ago. Enjoy this Crochet Top Hat.

Sorry, the left-hand version of this hat wasn’t completed at the time of filming the original.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Orange Top Hat

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Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Mad Willy Top Hat


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