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Crochet Ripples in the Sand Afghan
Crochet Ripples in the Sand Afghan

Crochet Ripples in the Sand Afghan

Crochet this Ripples in the Sand Afghan featuring Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn.

Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn is a new yarn that is like a soft cord. It is partly cotton and polyester. The yarn has stretch and is bulky which means projects such as this will crochet up really quickly. It will have a beautiful drape to it.

In this afghan, there are 2 rows that are repeating. Once you understand these two rows, hooking this up should go smooth. In the tutorial below, I show you ways to break down the diagram that is included to make it easier for you to count and make this. It’s one of the simpler versions of a wave afghan.

Video Tutorial

4 thoughts on “Crochet Ripples in the Sand Afghan + Tutorial

  1. bang on am making this for my daughter and her hubby will try to post the finished piece when done, it will take awhile as I am making it to fit a queen bed

  2. I love this pattern. As I live in Australia, I cannot purchase this yarn here. Can you suggest an equivalent please? Health germs & strength to you & Diva Dan. Cheers Heather

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