Crochet Spa Facecloth Pattern

Crochet Spa Facecloth
Crochet Spa Facecloth
Crochet Spa Facecloth

Crochet Spa Facecloth

The Crochet Spa Facecloth is the same pattern of the Chrysanthemum Dishcloth we have. So I have rejigged the tutorial to show this picture.

If you were looking for gift ideas this spa kit along with some bath bombs and bubble bath would make a wonderful Mother’s day gift. Or great kits to make up for craft shows.

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Using two colours of either Bernat Handicrafter or Lily Sugar’n Cream, you can create these lovely looking facecloths.


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  1. Jessica

    Hi, thank you for getting back to me. Much appreciated. We will then wait patiently for the pattern lol. Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Eliza

    I’d like to see a tutorial on the mitt as well. I keep getting confused halfway through the patter

  3. Gail smith

    I would love to see the mitt and the hand towel. Thankyou for these tutorials

  4. Kat

    Yes waiting for the mitt & hand towel patterns!

  5. Donna H.

    Any chance a tutorial for the mitt in the set is coming? Would love to make these as gifts.

      • Lorilee Harper

        Very interested in both the towel and mitt!

      • Jessica

        Hi, hope you staying safe. Coulr you please tell me where I can find the Mitt pattern. I see you said you would do one. But can’t find it anywhere. Thanks for your awesome channel and for all you great tutorials.

      • Mikey

        Morning Jessica. I was waiting on responses to see if there is a major push for it. I haven’t yet filmed it. I’m sorry.

  6. Carol

    In the pattern instructions for the bath poof, it says to make 25 sc in a chain-5 loop to begin. How is this possible??

    • The bath poof was launched yesterday. You have to force 25 sc into the ch-5 loop so it will cause it to ruffle up. The tutorial explains that in further detail.

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