Crochet Poncho Summer Pattern

Crochet Summer Poncho by Jeanne Steinhilber
Crochet Summer Poncho by Jeanne Steinhilber
Crochet Summer Poncho by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Summer Poncho Pattern

Last summer, Mikey taught us the Cool Poncho pattern. We had lots of requests to make this in the round instead of 2 separate panels stitched together. So this Summer Poncho is an adaptation of that pattern. It is easier to adjust to any adult size and you just crochet more or less to your desired length.

This is the perfect poncho for a cool summer evening. Just enough to toss on to keep your shoulders warm. You can wear it with the points down, or turn it sideways and wear it off the shoulder for a fun look.

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This was made to fit a size large, but it can be easily sized up or down by just adjusting how many rows to fit.  I used less than 2 Caron Cakes in Lavender Cake to crochet this easy project.

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Crochet Summer Poncho Pattern



Crochet Summer Poncho by Jeanne Steinhilber
Crochet Summer Poncho by Jeanne Steinhilber

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  1. Elizabeth

    Hi can you please tell me what size yarn you are using. Ie double 4ply chunky. As I cannot always find the yarn you are using thanks

    • The yarn used in this piece is a worsted weight yarn. Known in other areas of the world as Aran weight or 10 ply. Hope that helps

  2. Mary

    Maybe it was the red heart ombre yarn I used because it came out rather small and a bit stiff. I used 5mm and I am a loose crocheter if not doing toys. Do you think that made a difference? Thanks for sharing, I will not give up, it is very nice and I must make one.

  3. nelida g. rey

    I am looking for a pattern in sppanish for a friend she said it looked like a shal or stola and the name of the stitch isespumama de mar

    • I’m sorry. I don’t speak Spanish and don’t write our patterns in Spanish because I cannot speak the language. We have a limited operational budget and I can only offer what we can afford. I’m sorry. We don’t have any Spanish patterns.

  4. Bonnie Osborn

    How do I get written instructions for the summer poncho? I can’t find it. Thank you

    • Click on the blue button and it directs you to where you get the printable version

  5. Martha Anne Moore

    No blue button

  6. Madelaine Cooper

    Do you have to turn work? I like to keep the right side showing each round.

  7. Madelaine Cooper

    Do you have to turn on each round? I like to just keep going around for the right side to show

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