Crocheter’s Tote Bag Pattern

Crocheters Hooker's Tote
Crocheters Hooker's Tote
Crocheters Hooker’s Tote

Crocheters Hooker’s Tote

Hook up a Crocheter’s Tote Bag! Great for small projects on the go. This tote bag has a shorter handle that you slide on your arm and it holds your yarn while you are on the go.  The tote bag works great for waiting rooms and appointments. Fast and easy to stash, meant for those smaller projects and your Emergency 911 kits for the car, work, or just when you need something small to keep your hands busy!

*** Note*** Round 9 of the body of the bag needs to be worked 6 to 9 times depending upon your preference.
I was inspired by Yarnspirations’ Market Bag and the Side Lean Stitch, which looks like the Corner to Corner. And of course the need to have something for quick and easy projects on the go!  Made with Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton, this tote is a must-have for crocheters and hookers and knitters on the go!

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Market Bag Pattern

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  1. Allison Mingo

    Pattern is written for two colors, but does not state where to do color changes (assuming after base and after body).

    At the end of row 1 of the body, it says “sc in last sc, turn” and then “join with sl st to first sc, sl st to ch-2 sp.” I’m assuming I ignore the instruction to sc in last sc and turn?

    Also, beginning of row 2 repeats instruction to join with sl st to first sc, sl st to ch-2 sp.

    I was really confused until I typed it out here. I’m going to ignore a couple lines of instruction, I think. Thank you! Cute pattern.

      • Allison Mingo

        I’ll post a photo! I finished one and I’m working on a second. My crochet group is starting a CAL on it tomorrow!

      • Donna

        Allison, I have the same questions as you …. also, is the base supposed to lay flat or curl? Does it maintain 84 stitches through the entire base and body? And I assume there is no turning in the body of the bag, this is worked in the round, correct?
        You never posted a picture … I would love to see yours …

      • Allison

        Donna, I posted the photo to the Crochet Crowd Facebook page.

      • Donna

        Laura … did you check the instructions? Any changes?

      • Interesting questions. Has this pattern been updated or have the questions been answered elsewhere?

        Based on the picture, and the instructions, it seems that:
        1) The base does maintain 84 stitches throughout and does not lay flat;
        2) The pattern does call for the work to be turned on the body rounds, but could be worked in the round. The turning each round seems like a purely stylistic choice.

        Glad to have found this pattern and will be trying it soon!

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