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Crochet Men's Brimmed Hat
Free Mens Crochet Brim Hat Pattern
Mens Visor Crochet Hat

I followed the pattern really closely but had to alter couple areas to make the hat fit better. I changed the yarn to Red Heart Boutique Eclipse which changed the gauge of the yarn slightly. Even more importantly, I created for you a template of the Plastic Insert that is inside the brim. I found the plastic brim to be challenging to get the right shape and size. So instead of you fussing with it, I have created for you a template and steps I did to create my template if you are looking to make a different size hat. 


Original Pattern by Red Heart, Alterations by Michael Sellick of The Crochet Crowd®.

Here’s the Free Pattern

Streetwise Brim Hat

 You will notice the original hat is a solid colour of using Red Heart Soft Yarn. I would definitely classify this pattern to be an easy one to follow along. The brim was a bit intimidating to me before I completed the pattern but realized how simple it was when I just took the directions line by line. I think you will really enjoy the pattern. 


  • I used the same size hook in the pattern, 5.0 mm or size H Crochet Hook. 
  • I used Red Heart Boutique Eclipse. The colour of Daniel’s Hat above was called Storm Blue. You will need 2 balls of it. One ball does the main part of the hat and you will need just a partial ball to complete the visor.
  • You will need stiff plastic for the interior of the brim. I used an old plastic binder for the interior. See below.

How Did I Change The Pattern

  • I used Red Heart Boutique Eclipse Yarn.
  • On the pattern, I eliminated round 13 out of the pattern. The yarn changing created a very slight large gauge. With round 13, the hat was too loose and not sitting properly. I ripped out yarn back to Round 12 and skipped over Round 13. This prevented the hat from getting any bigger in size.
  • Once the brim was put together and sewed shut, I felt the edging was missing something. I went around the entire hat, including the front edge of the visor with a SC to make the entire hat look more finished. This is key with the colour transitional yarn.

Men's Visor Hat Pattern Close Up How to Cut out Visor for Hat

Another angle of Diva Dan’s Hat & Plastic from the Binder I cut out.

Visor Hat Construction

Though this is a different colour. You can see the SC around the edging that goes over the front edge of the visor. You can see it gives a really nice finish. Daniel’s Hat was completed in the same way.

How Did I Create The Visor & Visor Template For You

I struggled to think what am I going to use for a Plastic Interior Brim that I would have at home. It occured to me, use an old 100% Plastic Binder that I have in my library. 

  • To get the rounded front edge, I found a lid of a pot that was close to the size of my head. I traced half a circle onto the plastic.
  • I then figured out how deep the brim was from the front edge so that the material will slightly stretch to ensure it’s nice and firm. Moving the pot lid back the same measurement, I traced the lid once again.
  • The brim gets narrower on the sides, so I eyed up what the shrinkage of the brim would be.
  • I carefully trimmed the plastic to then match the sizing just right.
TIP: You have to ensure that the sides of your temple area has no sharp or pointed edges. Pointed edges will poke through the yarn and into your head.

 Insert Plastic into Brim to Make Rigid.

Get the BRIM PDF FILE (You may need to log into your Google to access this PDF FILE). THE PDF FILE is 100% Size of the Brim to Trace onto your plastic. My notes on things to look for are shown on the example below

  • I had to trim the ends slightly once in the hat. DO NOT TRIM IT BEFORE HAND, try it first and then determine if you need to.
  • The inside curve that matches your forehead judges the lifting height of the brim. The curve should not exceed the curve on your forehead.
  • If you want a visor that droops downward more, make the curve less round. The visor will match your head but if the curve is more open, it will cause the front part of the visor to droop downward.
  • Simply cut out the shape and trace it onto the plastic. Cut plastic to match.
  • Insert between the two brim sections and sew shut. You will notice especially in the very middle of the visor that you will need to form the yarn into position. It will adjust and sit properly.
  • If you decide to figure out your own visor shape, whatever you do… do not make the plastic too narrow as it won’t sit right inside and you will loose the brim effect.

Shape of Brim for Inserting.

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