Simple Crochet Beanie Pattern

Crochet Mens Beanie Hat
Men's Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern
Crochet Beanie for Men Pattern

Beanie Hat

A very popular pattern is my Men’s Beanie Hat. I used two yarns at one time to create double thickness so it’s a nice warm beanie.
You will use both skeins at the same time to increase the thickness of the hat. It will make the hat tight and strong.
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Free Pattern: Crochet Mens Beanie Hat

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Video Tutorial


  1. Barb turcotte

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  5. Patty ann

    Hi Mikey

    I have been looking for an easy beanie pattern to make a hat for my friend Vivan.she did want anything out there nothing fancy. Just a plain white hat for she could wear. Cause her hat was taken by someo e. She is in her 80s and is a very out spoken person she asked if I could make her one. I told her yes.

    I have also been crocheting since I was 10 yrs old .the internet has opened up a lot of different stitches for me. I have learned over the last several years. some of them I have never heard of and other I have but not sure how to do them.between afewdiffernt site and especailly the CROCHET crowd. I have learned more keep up the great job and I always look forward to your new projects to do.

  6. Paul Hamley

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but my biggest problem, by far, with crocheting patterns off the internet is knowing whether they are UK or USA patterns!! Is there no convention that will allow the downloaders to know which stitch set they are supposed to use? I’m guessing the patters off this site are UK?

  7. Adaire

    My second hat ever ~ I’m really new to crocheting. Mahalo Nui Loa!!! I made it and it looks super cute ~ it’s for a friend who has just started her chemo treatments ~ I can’t wait to give it to her. The video was really helpful since I don’t understand a pattern yet. I am realllllly grateful for you teaching this! I doubled the yarn and it feels soooo comfy. Plant your seeds, water your thoughts, nourish your soul, and share your blossoms ~ ADare2BU! Aloha, Adaire

  8. Mikey, this is my first attempt at a hat and I’ve kept track of my stitches as I’m going so I know it’s not “growing” as I go if it shouldn’t be. But it seems my “seam” went from being straight and pretty, to all of a sudden diagonal the last 10 revolutions or so. Is that normal and expected? Or am I messing up somewhere? I posted the question to the facebook page hoping someone would respond, but I’ve gotten no feedback. Thanks!

    • Cindy sue

      It sounds like you dropped a stitch back aways pull out then when you get to next end of the row, make sure you go into beginning chain stitch.

    • maz

      it does not look straight in the video either ,there are ways to keep it straight though

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