Crochet Cupcakes Pom-Pom Hat Pattern

Crochet Cupcake Beanie Hat
Crochet Cupcake Beanie Hat
Crochet Cupcake Beanie Hat

Crochet Cupcakes Pom Pom Hat

The ball bands of the Caron Cupcakes Yarn have a free crochet beanie pattern for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10-year-old kids. Having done this pattern already, I did the 8-year-old in a tutorial format to test how far the yarn would really go. My 8-year-old size fits me and I still have yarn leftover. My tension is a bit loose. But this proves to me, though there are kids sizes, you can easily do adult sizes with the yarn that is available in the ball.

For the smaller kids sizes, you will be able to get at least 2 hats out of one ball. One hat with a pom-pom, the other without. Great for charity ideas.

I have blown up the pattern into a downloadable pdf for you to have.

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Crochet Beanie Pattern


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  1. Debra Gothann

    Where can I find prices for cupcake yarns? And how to order…thanks

    • Mikey

      I believe it’s possibly discontinued or out of season at this time. It’s generally at Michaels when it’s out.

  2. Nancy LeCain

    I threaded a piece of the cakes yarn through a tapestry needle and attached it that way. The needle goes through the pom pom without a problem.

  3. Jay

    I am also looking for a knit pattern for this Nat please

    • We have it listed on our website. Use Caron Cupcakes Knit Hat for the search engine. It should pop up for you.

  4. sandy

    hi – my daughter mistakenly bought the crochet version of the cupcake hat but neither of us can crochet, would you know how to find the pattern for the knit version? thanks for your help

  5. Annie

    Oh no, my pom pom didn’t have the white thread attached for some reason 🙁 What do you think the best way to attach it to the hat would be?

  6. Priya

    Hi I tried to make this hat,am a beginner btw,but it’s not the shape of a hat at all!!!!! it’s more like a big circle….?any idea what’s wrong and where please.thank u.

  7. Kathleen Franks

    I want to start this hat but do I start with the pompom on the bottom & start with the inside center yarn working from the center out or do I find the end on the outside & work toward the center.

    • Joanne

      I started with the yarn from the outside. I made a toddler hat size 2. 4 colors were used. So cute !!! I had enough yarn to make another hat.

  8. Susan

    I am using caron cupcake yarn I didnt know they came in either knit ot crochet. I would like to make a toddler size hat in the crochet version. Is the yarn sold specifically for each version? Can i use the knit version to crochet a hat or is the yarn color made for the knit instructions only? Please email me. Thank you.

  9. Josie

    Hi. Could Yu make this hat into a slouchy hat by just adding more rounds?

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