My Team Forever Scarf Crochet Pattern

Crochet Team Spirit Scarf
Red Heart Team Spirit Scarf
Team Spirit by Red Heart has the most popular school colours seen across North America.

I can never understand why Football is played so far into the winter season. I’ve never been to a football game and I am pretty sure I don’t understand the rules of the game.

All those hunky men running after a ball. Pushy and shoving each other… starting off in a bent-over position eying each other up. The testosterone, the heat, and then finally they up in a big man pile, TOUCH DOWN!!! WAIT… maybe this is a sport I need to watch! Let me sit back down in my chair here!

Joking aside, due to the sports seasons of schools going into the fall and winter season, it makes sense to show support by wearing complementary colours that match the school or team colours. A scarf, mitts and more are a great way to keep you warm.

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Free Pattern: My Team Forever Scarf

Attached is a great scarf by Red Heart called My Team Forever Scarf Crochet Pattern. You can create your own and look for colours that match a team. It’s a fun little way to show team spirit and be trendy all at the same time.

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  1. Sarah

    So, totally weird question here, I’m really not into scarves as I live down in Texas, but I’m making a scarf for a friend and his wife who are constantly going to football games. I’ve already got her scarf made, but is this scarf going to be good for a guy? If not, any good suggestions?

  2. Yay for football…don’t understand it myself but Mikey, you’d make a great announcer for the game 😉

  3. margie brewster

    Yu are a cutie

  4. Elli Z

    I think I love you a little more for not understanding the rules of the game! 🙂

  5. I don’t watch a lot of football but the scarf is in our OHIO STATE BUCKEYES colors. Go BUCKS!

  6. Kathi

    Love your humor! I usually keep my eyes on the cheerleaders! Thanks for the great blog!

  7. Laura Jean Bartholomew

    I am trying to learn that “You are the Captain of your Ship.” If someone doesn’t like it… “man/woman overboard!” lol

  8. Brenda

    nothing wrong with your “warped sense of humor” is too short to be all uptight! You make me laugh and that’s why I keep coming back, keep it up!

  9. Catherine Hershberger

    Okay by me!

  10. Laraine

    LOL Mikey. We love you!! That was funny.

  11. Melissa

    LOL, I don’t get football either but I may have to watch it now!

  12. Jaylynn

    Why do you think so many women watch football 🙂

  13. Karen

    we love your “warped point of view”!! refreshing and honest! great idea!

  14. Rebecca

    Went too far? Heck no! I love your sense of humor, and I truly believe your “warped sense of humor” is much more the norm than most are willing to admit 😉 Keep on keeping on!

  15. Nicole

    HAHAHAHA!!! That was hilarious! Nothing there to offend at all! 🙂

  16. SniffanyB

    Thought it was funny! Great time to start a football colored scarf/ves for upcoming season!

  17. Angela

    Your humor is lighthearted.I’ve learned so much from you,love the scarf!

  18. Lynda

    no you didn’t go too far, your comments were funny. I can see me making that scarf in black and white for my beloved Collingwood. Go ‘Pies!

  19. Feverfew

    *lol* You just made football sound interesting!

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