Water Waves Throw Crochet Pattern

Water Waves Afghan

water610Water Waves Throw Pattern

by Michael Sellick – The Crochet Crowd
©2012 The Crochet Crowd

Water Waves Throw will measure approximately 59″ across. 1 ball of Bernat Mosaic Yarn, colour used is Waterfall will create 4″ of height. For example, if you wanted this afghan to be square. 59 divided by 4″ = 15 balls. The height of the afghan is up to you. 

Follow Video Tutorial For This – Tutorial To Be Made



Size J Crochet Hook or 6.0 MM


1 Balls = 4″ in height – Bernat Mosaic Yarn, 100 g or 3.5 oz Balls, colour used is “Waterfall”. One colour ball creates random colour squares as shown.

Decide your length in inches and divide by 4. This will give you the amount of balls you need. Afghan design is 59″ across. 

water611 water612

Other views of the same afghan at different spots. The afghan’s colouring change by the yarn creates for an very interesting water effect. You can use this idea for any of the Bernat Mosaic Yarn Colours. It will same ideas but in the different shades you chose. 


CH – Chain, DC – Double Crochet, SC – Single Crochet, SL ST – Slip Stitch, BEG – Beginning, REP – Repeat, 2TOG – 2 Together, DEC – Decrease, SK – Skip, 3TOG – 3 Together, DC3TOG – 3 DC into the same stitch, 3DC – 3 Double Crochet into the same stitch,

Free Pattern:

This pattern is in sets of 14 chains. Meaning that 14 chain stitches between the repeat of the pattern exists. In the afghan shown, there is 15 sets of 14 chain stitches. At the end of the line, you will add 2 chains. 

  1. Chain 14 = 1 set, repeat Chain 14 over and over until you get your desired width. This aghan has a total of 15 Sets. At the desired length, add 2 stitches.
  2. Skip 2 CH (counts as 1 DC), 2 DC into the next CH, * 1 DC into the next 3 CH, using next 3 stitches create DC3TOG, using next 3 stitches create DC3TOG, 1 DC into the next 3 CH, 3DC in the next 2 chain. Repeat from * all the way to the end. End last stitch with 3DC.
  3. CH 3 (counts as 1 DC), 2 DC into the 1st stitch. *1 DC into the next 3 stitches, Using next 3 stitches create DC3TOG, using next 3 stitches create DC3TOG. 1 DC into each of the next 3 stitches, Next two stitches get 3DC each, repeat from * all the way to the end. Final stitch ends with 3DC.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until you get your desired length.
  5. Fasten off.

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  1. stacey fogoros

    Started this pattern with a friend and am confused as the throw is turning into ripples (not laying down flat). We are on the fourth row (on directions, number 4. repeating steps 2 and 3) Our throw doesn’t look like the picture. What’s wrong ?

  2. stacey fogoros

    can’t wait to try the water waves throw with my girlfriend. Looks awesome and easy enough for returning crocheters.

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