Yarn Substitution Calculator
Yarn Substitution Calculator
Yarn Substitution Calculator
Yarn Substitution Calculator

How Much Yarn Will You Need?

Many crocheters substitute yarns all the time but are unsure how to calculate it.

For this calculator, you need to know the following to enter into the spots:

  • On the pattern How many balls of yarn does it require? Separate by colour if you have multiple colours to get an accurate answer. 
  • The pattern tells you which yarn to use. Tell me how many yards are on that recommended ball. If you don’t know that, find the yarn makers website and look up the yarn. Most makers of yarn has that information published.
  • Now look at the ball that you want to change the yarn too. Tell me how many yards is on that ball?

The calculator will calculate the following:

  • It will tell me how many yards the project requires by using the yardage on the suggested yarn and multiplying by the number of balls required.
  • It will then factor in the new yardage on the ball you want to change to. It will cross compare the yardage and give you the ball count you need.



  1. Annie

    Trying to determine how many yards is in 16 ounces of worsted weight yarn.

    • Joanne Marshall

      No, it needs to say “balls” because the conversion from yards to balls takes place in box 3.

  2. Janice

    You are amazing…. What else can be said. Love to you all at cc

  3. Victoria

    My pattern calls for 32 oz of worsted weight yarn, but I want to substitute with a super bulky yarn (6), which comes in 8 oz balls (160 yds) how can I figure this one out?

  4. Andrea

    I am wondering how much yarn i will need for a border on an afghan that i made. Do you have a magic tool for that?

  5. Nancy Davies

    Reading your articles about yarnaholics and hoarders has got me thinking. I looked around and … OMG !!! I AM ONE. !!!
    Now. My question is — is there somewhere I could look to answer the question “what can I make with, say 600 yds of something”? Or what kind of shawl can I make with 600 yds? How about a database where we can plug in how many yds we have and what we can make WITHOUT going out to buy enough to make something? Of course, I could just make a jillion squares and spend the rest of my life connecting them into afghans … And, oh yes, I do have a pile of squares waiting to be connected. Maybe 400 or so? Help ?!?

    • chiggins

      http://www.ravelry.com has a search feature that allows you to choose from all sorts of criteria for patterns. Some of them are yardage, colorways, hook size, yarn weight, etc. You also have many choices for what type of article you are wanting to make, such as shawl, sweater, various baby items, toys, afghans, etc.

    • lishap16

      I have a question Mikey! I have 2 skeins of Red Heart Pink Camo, and I’d like to calculate how big the blanket should be. I don’t want to make it too big and have to search for the same lot # for more yarn. The calculator here is, I guess sort of confusing to me, math was NEVER my favorite or strong course! LOL! Can you help me figure this out? Oh, it’s for an 18 month old and I want to use the C2C pattern. Guess that’s important info to have, lol! Thank you Mikey, for any help you or ANYONE can offer!

      • I was just looking for the same exact answer for the same blanket with the same yarn…LOL

      • happyhker

        hi lishap crochet until u use half your wool and then decrease or if u want to edge it go a few rows less and then decrease .yeah I know still diceing with the drama of enough to edge or use a contrasting colour and edge in it

    • Eva Lee Henley

      I can’t pull uP the calculator

  6. Michele Knight

    Are the calculators “down”? I’m not able to use them. I just get:



    The same goes for the Afghan Calculator…

  7. Summer

    The calculator work great on the website, but the one in the android app has no place to enter information.

    • I think I might remove this from the APP area. I think that programming is interfering with this function and leave this only for website use. It’s becoming harder to accommodate and/or afford all of the different platforms people are using.

  8. Vicki

    Thank you Mikey. You continue to be amazing!

  9. anna

    OMG Thank you Mikey!!!! You are the bestest of the best!!!!!!

  10. Penny

    Fabulous and convenient addition to the Crochet Crowd web site. Cuddoes, Mikey. You are always thinking of us.

  11. Bonnie

    This is great, and very thoughtful of you. 🙂

  12. Shirley Senior

    the calculators sounds great but I don’t have an android or the other to download the apps….is there some other way I can get them????

  13. Jenny

    Maybe a different color for the boxes, I have a friend with partial sight and she struggles as well.
    Well done for getting it up and running its a great addition!

  14. Kathleen Hart

    Great calculators…but I would love to know how to figure out how many skeins of yarn I would need of each color to do a graphighan…do you have a method of calculating that (or a calculator)? It would be based on a stitch count of each color. Thanks in advance if you or someone could answer.

  15. Linda

    Thank you! A great, useful tool…..Linda

  16. Michelle

    Hi. These calculators are great. BUT – would you please ask the designer to make the boxes darker, or give them a dark outline? They are too difficult for me to see. thanks.

    • I’m the guy for the program and unfortunately, that is something I cannot change… I’m sorry… I agree with you but I cannot do anything about it on my end here. Michael

    • So for the mystery afghan challenge that calls for 6 ounce skein of caron yarn if we substitute a 5 ounce skein of red heart to use instead of the caron how many skein will we need?

  17. Patricia Reilley

    This is so great – thanks, Mikey!

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