10 Great Reasons to Crochet

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10 Great Reasons to Crochet
10 Great Reasons to Crochet

10 Great Reasons to Crochet

Crochet has many mental and physical health benefits. It can you do a lot of good if you feel your life is spiralling out of control. It can keep you balanced in exercising your mind and more. Here are my top 10 great reasons to crochet.

10 – Cheap Hobby to Start
  • Buying a hook and a ball of yarn is the entry level of this hobby. With today’s technology, you can connect with free learning through great websites like ours and YouTube tutorials.
9 – Increase Problem Solving Skills
  • Crochet is proven to be a trigger for brain functions to propel children to do better at math by a significant increase. It exercises the analytical part of our brain in the form of counting, reading, hand eye coordination and visual perception.
8 – Makes Idle Time More Enjoyable
  • Bringing a crochet project while commuting or sitting to crochet while watching TV can put idle time to have a tangible finished project in your hands. It can pass your mind. Relax you as you wait and, to me, feels like idle time speeds up.
7 – Instant Community
  • Finding commonality between other humans can be difficult. Enjoying crochet connects you with others who enjoy the same hobby. There never seems to be idle conversation when yarn or crochet are involved.
6 – Reason to Get Out & Self Socialize
  • For some, getting out of the house can be stressful. Some people may feel homebound mentally. Going out to buy more yarn or crochet supplies is a reason to leave home with a valid goal. For some, getting out isn’t about physical limitation, it’s about mental. The act of getting out is good for your mind, body and soul.
5 – Expressing Personal Interest & Creativity
  • Each of us like different elements of crochet. For some, they love thread work, others like chunky. Some like to make hats, others like blankets. With crochet, there are many different elements for people to be interested in.

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4 – To Help Your Community
  • The art of hand making projects for charity or people you recognize that need something. You can contribute to your fellow community members in filling a need. It can also act as a way to self socialize to meet others in your community with similar goals.
3 – Building Goals & Milestones
  • After 30 years of crochet, I’m still learning new stitches. There seems to be always something more to learn to keep your interest. You can build goals to finish a perfect gift for someone or maybe you really want to try a level of crochet that makes you uncomfortable today but, in time, you will try and see if you are capable.
2 – Relaxation and Mental Breaks
  • Many of need the time to relax and take a break from the daily pressures of life. Crochet allows you to quiet your mind and think through processes. I’ve worked myself through a lot of problems in giving deeper thought to finally put ongoing issues that bounce in my head. It helps work through your problems.
1- Builds Confidence & Feels Great
  • At first, you may think crochet is hard but as you progress, you reach through goals. You turn doubt into accomplishments. You look back on your path to see what you thought was hard and you worked through it. You feel great in seeing your own skills build.

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  1. I do agree with a lot of that. I learned so that I could make things for my family and friends. I also knit so adding another skill was just icing on the cake for me
    Thanks to all of u

  2. Lyn

    Crocheting is my Zen place……when I make something for someone, I think about them, sending good thoughts into the process. If it’s for possible sales, I still add joy & good wishes to the ultimate recipient…..but mostly, it’s really my happy place.

  3. Ronda bruce

    It my stress relief im intested in the patter at the beginning of the video it was red and white

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