9 Crochet Stitch Marker Ideas
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9 Crochet Stitch Marker Ideas
9 Crochet Stitch Marker Ideas

9 Crochet Stitch Marker Ideas

Do you use stitch markers when you crochet?  I actually do quite a bit.  When I’m working in the round, I like to mark my beginning stitch.  I also find them quite handy to keep track of corners, edges or really long chains.  I have to admit, I have a nice collection of markers, from bobby pins to extra fancy.  Mikey likes to simply use yarn on his projects!

Using stitch markers can really help track of your crochet project.  I always hear many saying they struggle to keep the edges of their projects straight.  I suggest while you are learning, use a marker at the beginning and end of each row.  Markers are also great when mastering the chevron stitch by using one at each peak of the chevron.

I have a collection of stitch marker ideas that you will enjoy.
  1. Mikey’s Favorite – Yarn!  Mikey uses yarn to mark the starting stitch when working in continuous rounds.
  2. Futuregirl – Paper Clips
  3. The Chilly Dog – Repurposed Earrings
  4. Removable Stitch Markers – personalize these to make them more fun!
  5. Repeat Crafter MePerler Bead Markers
  6. Repeat Crafter Me – Shrinky Dink Markers
  7. Megmade with Love – Makes her own jewelry style markers
  8. Nicki’s Homemade Crafts – Uses safety pins as her cute markers
  9. Jeanne’s Pick – Boye Elastic Stitch Markers – These little balls remind me of the hair ties from the 70’s.

Be sure to leave us a comment below and share your favorite stitch marker tip!

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