Your Crochet Journey Journal

Your Crochet Journey Journal

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Crochet Journey Journal

Crochet Journey Journal

Create your Crochet Journey Journal

Does size matter? Yep, it does for me and I realized that in 2018. Every year, I have the intention of keeping a crochet journal. I start with a binder and by February, it’s collecting dust and moved off my desk never to be seen again. Occasionally in the year, I may remember I have it but I like continuity. If I quit using it for a gapping time, I say oh well and don’t bother again.

We had a guest designer make leaflets to put into a binder for crocheters which is really awesome.

I find myself wandering Staples looking at the planners but I am old now. I know myself. I know I love them in the moment but give me a week and I know it’s collecting dust.

This past July, I had a crazy content month. I had so many notes and partial or full patterns that my head was spinning. So while picking up milk at Walmart, I passed by the Notebook Section and I saw this Red Hilroy.

Crochet Journey Journal

Crochet Journey Journal

So I bought one because it has no tabs, just paper and I was more attracted to the size of the book. It’s small enough to lug in my crochet bag. It’s easy to carry it around the house or where ever I need it to be. The book doesn’t tell me the months, so there’s no guilt if I am skipping over time. Truth is, there are times when nothing much is happening and I am caught up.

Knowing myself, as a sign of finishing a pattern. I fold the pattern in half. It’s my way of saying, I’m done. Most times, I write my own notes on a pattern but if I never keep those, my notes are permanently gone. Sometimes, the notes have crochet diagrams, yarn subs, different hook sizes I used or highlights in the pattern that I know tripped me up. It essence, this is my crochet growth journey. It’s my personal workbook.

While on important phone calls, I use the book to take notes. Because gawd forbid I am looking for that phone number again. In fact, proud to say, my desk has never been so organized as it has this past 6 months.

Mikey's Desk

Mikey’s Desk

Shockingly, I know. I didn’t clean off my desk before I took this photo. My notes are inside my journal instead of all the scrap paper that used to be lying around my desk. I’m known for having a messy desk of paper that I end up stacking on top of each other with no counter space left to do anything.

When crocheting in my ‘Away from Cyber Life Room’, my journal is small enough to put onto the end table. I can take notes with it resting on my knee.

At the end of the pattern, I staple the pattern folded to a piece of paper inside. If I need the pattern again, say it’s a WIP, I will just paperclip the pattern to the paper so I can easily remove it.

Mikey Inside Journal

Mikey Inside Journal

My handwriting, if you noticed, is always upper case letters. I trained in high school and college to be a design engineer. This was pre-computer where you would have to hand draw schematics and more. So the general rule was all writing is all upper case. My dad also has the same writing skills as he was a tradesman in similar trade I was studying to be in. So if someone writes in upper case on the internet, I don’t perceive it at yelling.

I had just finished this girl’s poncho but was deciding how much yarn to giveaway for Jeanne’s H & K Giveaways we did back in October. If I ever need to remember how much we gave away for the challenge, I have it now. Before, it would be on a piece of paper and most likely long gone to my recycling bin.


For me, I have realized that big binders or organizers that are too planned don’t work for me. While I really like the idea having something crochet based or organized, for me, simpler is better and without guilt. For the $2 it cost me for the my journal, it was a sound investment and my life is much better.

Removable Journals from Cover

Removable Journals from Cover

For 2019, I am moving my journal to something a little more fancy. I found an artisan that works with leather at one of the local craft shows. She had really super amazing journals but I had one wish. I wanted the journal to be removable from the cover when my journal gets full. A journal that I can easily replace out when it gets full.

The sailboat on water in leather feels like renewal as I am living in the Maritimes now. The Journal is handmade which I adore as thought and time went into it. It’s the same size of the journal I am currently using, so it means I will use it.

Don’t get wrapped up into journals you may see that are so organized that you know you may never use them. At the end of the day, simpler is better. Save your money, get a small book at the local office supply store or general retailer. For me, it’s helped me beyond measure. If you are living in paperwork hell with patterns, this may help you too!

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The journey and main baby of the whole idea started with a YouTube Channel and then in 2011, an official website was developed. Michael is not only the face of The Crochet Crowd but also the working engine behind the crowd in self-taught programming, social media and so much more.

Enjoy the stitching journey. Life is short, enjoy this wonderful hobby and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.
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