19 Entrelac Patterns

19 Entrelac Crochet Ideas
19 Entrelac Crochet Ideas
19 Entrelac Crochet Ideas

19 Entrelac Crochet Projects

Entrelac Crochet is really a favourite of mine but it took me a bit to get the pattern concept into my head. You don’t always need an afghan hook to create Tunisian as many of the Entrelac ideas use a regular crochet hook.

As you can see from the projects, the number of stitches across are not set in stone. You have options, lots of them. Initially, my friend Diane taught me Entrelac and my other friend, Dela Wilkins, the Railway Knitter is my mentor for anything Tunisian based.

Beginners to Learn Entrelac – Tutorials

  1. Absolute for Beginners with Entrelac Tutorial
  2. Simple Stitch is used for Entrelac Tutorial
  3. Entrelac in the Rows Tutorial
  4. Entrelac in a Square Tutorial
  5. Entrelac in the Rectangle Tutorial
  6. Entrelac in Circles Tutorial
  7. Entrelac Borders to Square Off Edges Tutorial

Tunisian Entrelac Projects

  1. Jester’s Bag of Tricks Entrelac Napsack + Tutorial
  2. Entrelac Baby Blanket in Rows (shown in the feature photo)
  3. Entrelac Etching Scarf for Men
  4. Entrelac Caribbean Star Dishcloth (shown in the feature photo)
  5. Entrelac Shawl
  6. Entrelac Unforgettable Lotus Flower Motif
  7. Entrelac Boysenberry Bramble Cowl (shown in the feature photo)
  8. Entrelac Trip Around the World Blanket
  9. Entrelac Faux Cowl
  10. Entrelac Tote Bag
  11. Entrelac Baby to Toddler Size Skirt
  12. Entrelac QuiltAbsolutely Stunning MUST SEE
  13. Entrelac Dishcloth
  14. Entrelac Evita Scarf
  15. Entrelac Spa Cloth
  16. Entrelac Mile a Minute Blanket (shown in the yellow blanket in feature photo)
  17. Entrelac Pillows
  18. Entrelac Cowl

Entrelac Projects

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