Tunisian Entrelac Crochet in Rows Afghan Pattern

Entrelac in Rows Afghan Project
Entrelac in Rows Afghan Project
Entrelac in Rows Afghan Project

Tunisian Entrelac in Rows

Learn how to do Entrelac in Rows. The pattern looks pretty detailed, and it is, but I will help you break it down to bite sizes to make it easier.

For myself, I started my sample in an airport and thought I was way off track. I just needed to concentrate for the first few rows and then everything clicked into place.

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Free Pattern: Entrelac in Rows Blanket

Many people love Entrelac and some prefer it in rows instead of around in a circle. This is how you would do it in rows.

Get the free pattern, it’s called Tunisian Entrelac Blanket. Follow the video tutorials below if you need help.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Barb turcotte

    No blue button

  2. Michelle

    Would love to make a left handed Tunisian Entralac but can not find a slow you tube / video can you help pleas thankyou

    • Mikey

      I do have left-handed on the channel, I try to teach at the right speed but if it’s too quick, you can change the player speed by using the gear at the bottom of the player window to slow it down. I don’t have anything slower than what you see. I’m sorry.

  3. Liz Kidd

    I am somewhat perplexed- if each sq uses 10 chains- there are 9 sqs which equals 90. Then each triangle uses 6 chs- 2 triangles so 12 chains. This comes to 102. Plus 2 for the 1st turning chain- so 104. Why is the cast on 113?

  4. Carlee

    Do you have to tie off and attach a new strand if you choose not to change colors?

  5. Luna Moonchild

    Message for Mikey:

    I watched your tutorial on entrelac crochet an am now in the process of crocheting my own entrelac blanket in rows. I did not know about this pattern so had to make it up myself.

    Thank you for the tutorial, it’s coming along amazingly and I’ve never crochet a blanket before.=, up to now it was all amigurumi.

  6. Gail LaVasseur

    Do we continue to use the back bar on the chain until the end?

  7. Susan Coker

    I love to watch your how to videos. The Tunisian crochet method is new to me. I keep your video up so I can refer to it when needed.

  8. Marie

    You make it easy to learn new stitches. I am a visual learner and the written patterns really intimidate me!!! Thank so much!!!

  9. You explain entrelac pattern very well Mikey, thankyou..

  10. didough

    Loved the article, but when I tried to click on the Pinterest link, message said content not found …

  11. Althea Moore

    I have been trying to do this stitch for awhile. I came across your video on you tube. Thanks so much for explaining it and making it easy. I would lie to try the Cathrine’s wheel one of these days. I saw it on you tube also. Thanks again

  12. Mikey I love your videos!! I especially love the fact that you make videos for left handed people! Please keep them coming!!! Thank you for all of your hard work 😀

  13. Anne

    You are the best. I LOVE all of your crochet videos. You make them fun and easy. Thank You.

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