Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey
Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey
Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey

Trendy and Modern Baby Blanket

Not all new moms of today are looking for baby blankets that are the pinks, blues or baby colours. Some moms have reached outside of the typical baby colour palette and are steering towards modern, trendy and contemporary baby afghans. Of course, the bottom line is that the afghan needs to keep the baby warm, but the colours may be leaning toward home decor, baby nursery matching and more. This is the Trendy Modern Baby Blanket.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Trendy Modern Baby Blanket

As much as the baby afghan is designed for baby, colours are really up to the style of the mom. My baby afghan wasn’t typical baby colours and it was a homemade quilt by my grandmother. I loved that blanket. It was always my favourite.

Of course, you can use this same design with the Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn lines if you prefer the typical colours of baby blankets too. You are the artist and can do what you want.

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Bernat Blanket Pale Grey
Bernat Blanket Pale Grey
Bernat Blanket Vintage White
Bernat Blanket Vintage White

Bernat Blanket Yarn

This baby blanket uses two colours. Vintage White and Pale Grey. To get this complete size, you will need 2 balls of each.

The balls are 300 g or 10.5 ozs. There are two sizes of yarn. Be sure to get the biggest ball which is the 300 g size.


Using 10 mm or Size N crochet hook, you will get a 42″ wide by 36″ long baby blanket.


  • The colours are changed at the end of each row. This gives the illusion of the vintage white zig-zag pattern. It reminds me of white sugar piping on the side of a trendy modern grey cake.
  • There is no border on this baby blanket.
  • If changing the size of the pattern, the stitch multiples are in sets of 2. If changing the size, it will alter the amount of yarn needed for your project. Every 2 stitches = 1 inch. 


  1. Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey
    Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey

    Using Bernat Blanket Pale Grey, chain 78. DC twice in 4th chain from hook. *skip 1 stitch, 2 dc into next stitch (this forms a group of 2). Repeat * until the end. 1 dc in the final chain. Fasten off and turn.

  2. Fasten on Vintage White on the first dc. Ch 3, skip the next dc and dc twice into space between the next group of 2. See the picture for clarification. * Dc twice in each space between the groups of 2 from the row below. Repeat * until the end. 1 dc in the final stitch. Fasten off and turn. By going between the groups of 2, it causes the stitches to have a zig-zag appearance.
  3. Fasten on Pale Grey on the first dc. Repeat Step 2.
  4. Continue to repeat Steps 2 – 3 until your afghan is 36″ long. You will run out of yarn by the end.


Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey
Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket by Mikey

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  1. Mary Matthews

    I love this trendy pattern. I also appreciate that you get right to it, showing us and written English instructions on screen throughout. The last tutorial from I won’t say, she talked about her personal problems all the way through it. Anyway, thanks Mikey and have a wonderful New Year.

    • If you click on the blue pattern, it takes you to a printable version, that you can print off

  2. Nancy I Sanchez

    no blue button

  3. Julia Smith

    No blue button

  4. Jenn

    If I were using 1 color how would I turn?

    • you would chan up for whatever the stitch is that comes next, ie, if its a double you would chain 3 (personally I do 2 because I am a tight crocheter)

  5. Debra

    I love the look of this blanket Mikey! you are awesome! I am using 3 colors and don’t really want to FO and rejoin each row. If I do 2 rows of each color would I be able to do that? And How exactly?

  6. tammy

    can this b done with jus the multicolor? Since I wont be changing colors will i follow the pattern the same? or will it be different say at the point of fastening on the white color?? please help i have so many balls of the baby blanket white pink and blue in my stash and i really need to do somthing with it!!

  7. Bonstr

    What size needle are you using? I must have missed it somewhere

  8. Jo

    The blanket pattern is very good…. Can you please make a baby sweater with this bernat wool….can u post the pattern please

    • The pattern is posted. It has a GET PATTERN button on the top of the article. You are welcome to make a baby sweater with this yarn if you wish. I’m not aware of any sweaters being made with this material. You might have to google or search Ravelry to see if others have done it.

  9. Hiya Mikey? Thankyou so much for all the clearticles, concise and beautiful tutorials you give all of us Hookers. I with Kris on the fact I can’t work out a written pattern to save my life! I totally rely on stop start crochet because I can only learn by doing it. So Thankyou so very much for taking he time to make these awesome videos for us. They’re BANG ON! ??

  10. Kris

    Thank you so much for doing the video. I love the afghan but I cant read patterns for anything! I am a visual hooker. I need to see it done so I can do it. I rely heavily on you tube. THANK YOU for making the video!

  11. Daphne

    Hello Mikey!! I LOVE your tutorials, projects and well, all you do! I have a question.. when you change colors on this Trendy Crochet Baby Blanket do you tie off the ends and cut off access or tie it off then weave in the color?? Thanks and keep on giggling! 😉 Your crocheting friend, Daphne.

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