Tips To Being A Crochet Designer

The Crochet Crowd Designing Booklet
The Crochet Crowd Designing Booklet
The Crochet Crowd Designing Booklet

Be A Crochet Designer eBook

I’ve created an 18-page starter free booklet for new crochet designers who wish to learn more about becoming crochet designers. Crocheters ask me how they can start designing? The truth is, anyone can design if they have the desire and perseverance to work through the steps.


Realistically, there are no easy pathways or go straight to recognized designer status. There are literally 100’s, maybe even potentially 1000’s of crochet designer names you or I have never heard of before. They didn’t ask for permission to start designing. They proceeded one stitch in front of the other and propelled their own momentum.

The Crochet Crowd Designing Booklet
The Crochet Crowd Designing Booklet. Click book cover to view, download or print. Book is in landscape format.

In today’s industry, crocheters have the opportunity for resources that weren’t available when I started back in 2008. There are so many resources that are just non-sense. While a handful of people have managed to go from zero to one hundred with the help of mainstream media for publicity. For most of us, including myself, the 1000’s hours invested had to be laid down to get to work.

Even if designing is just a fun hobby. My booklet may help you get directions. Just for fun, I have included scenes of Nova Scotia.

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  1. Selene

    Thank you for all the great resources. What size paper is this supposed to be printed on? My default is 8.5″ x 11″ but the print would come out way too small. Thanks!

  2. Deborah jones

    I’ve had a stroke and am trying to heal by relearning to crochet and I I’d like to make a shawl for my chemo days I’m a southpaw

  3. Pen

    You need a proofreader, love. 🙂

  4. WheelyBad

    Thank you, I’m sure this will be really helpful

  5. Hi Mikey and Daniel!
    I just had to say I love the crochet crowd and all the support and ideas that not only help in the moment but beyond the desire to learn crochet. I the crowd and you a few years ago when I retired. I wanted to crochet again, I hadn’t since I was about 11 years old. Mikey, you make everything fun and easy plus your tutorials are not only informative but supportive which made me want to push myself in other areas as well. I’m still working on the secret afghan posted in September but I’m almost done on section seven! I know that sounds crazy but a lot has happened in the past 6 months. I will post it when I’m finished! I’m really proud of myself. I mean this sincerely, I could not have done this without your brilliant teaching ability and genuine love for your work and all of us. Someday I hope to visit you in your town or on a cruise! I love you guys!! Tell Daniel hello and he looks fabulous!!!
    Sheri N.

  6. Diane Crowder

    thank you for all that you and your team do. I have enjoyed being in the group and seeing all that is being posted of project in the start and finished.

  7. Sandra Williams

    Thank you, Mikey! This will help.

    I wrote my first pattern in February after designing a flower for which I did not find a pattern. One of the ladies in the needle craft group I joined in January excitedly told me that she made a flower using the pattern, “It works!” she said. There are two slight changes to do in the pattern, then I will probably post it to Ravelry. The community-wide group is preparing for a yarn bombing in April. Such fun!

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