Multiples Stitches for Starting Chain

Multiples Stitches for Starting Chain

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How Many Chains to Add to Keep In Multiple Counts

How Many Chains to Add to Keep In Multiple Counts

How Many Chains Do You Need to Start a Chain with a Multiple?

Many crocheters write us and ask us to figure out the starting chain counts where a multiple in a pattern exists. To help crocheters, I’ve developed a worksheet with the answers but also an exercise to test your skills to figure it out yourself.

Helpful Tips

  1. Learn How To Read Crochet Patterns + Tutorial
  2. Learn How to Read Crochet Diagrams + Tutorial

The Worksheet Below

The worksheet is downloadable to print off for your own records and/or to use to complete the additional exercise to test your skills.

Considerations for the Multiple:

  1. Does the multiple go directly across or is the first and last stitch not included in that multiple?
    1. When a Multiple does NOT have stand alone edges. The Crochet Spinning Wheels Blanket is an example.
    2. When a Multiple does HAVE stand alone edges. The Baby Waffle Blanket is an example.

The worksheet tells you how many additional chains to main for both considerations. However, I think it’s best to learn how to read a crochet diagram in the case that the pattern is more complex than just a start row. This is really handy to know for wave type afghans.

The worksheet shows you an example diagram of double crochet stitches. Can you figure it out without checking the upside down answers at the bottom of the page?

How Many Chains to Add for Multiples

How Many Chains to Add for Multiples


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