Crochet Camel Stitch with Video Tutorial

Camel Stitch

Learn a crochet stitch called the Camel Stitch.

This simple technique is all about identifying your threads within a stitch. Stitches are made up of two yarn strands. The yarn strand closest to you is the front loop. the yarn strand farthest from you is the back loop. But get this! There is a 3rd strand that is rarely talked about which can be called the large back loop.

In the video tutorial, I will show you how to identify this 3rd strand to help you see the strand that you are supposed to use. When using this strand, you will notice that the first two strands or regular stitch, whichever you want to call it, will rotate toward you by 90 degrees. This gives a great looking textured front.

I’m unsure at this time, but it seems this technique may only be used for hats that have a continuous revolution. I found when doing the rows, which ended up being outtakes, I realized I cannot see the 3rd strand when I turn my work to go back and forth. However, in a continuous rotation such as a hat, it’s clearly there and easy to identify.

If you like to try a pattern with this in it, you can try the Crystal Ice Hat. This technique is used in the brim and looks really sharp.

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Video Tutorials (Right and Left Hand)

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Camel Stitch Tutorial

  1. Mickey, your camel is right on target. Nice demo (as always). Thank you for the lefty vid, I watch the right-handed ones, but the left-handed vids are só welcome to an old lefty.

  2. I purchased a few years ago a group of pamphlets by Naka Pillman introducing Camel Crochet in a basic instruction book.. I purchased the whole group of booklets online and there are patterns for hats, blankets and scarfs.. but trying to following the instructions and drawings was no match for me… Can’t wait to watch this video to finally maybe see how to grab that 3rd chain! Thanks Mikey!

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