Crochet Dresses
Crochet Little Sweetie Dress
Crochet Little Sweetie Dress

Crochet Baby Dresses Patterns

Crochet dresses have the power to make you go OOOOH and AHHH! They are generally pretty quick to crochet and the feeling of making it yourself is so wonderful.

Grab your crochet hook and get ready for a few ideas we have below. These are projects we have covered so far on this website. They are in order of when they were released.

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8 thoughts on “Baby Dress Free Crochet Patterns

  1. I’ve been crocheting since 17 learned from a right hander woman where I’m left handed. My only problem is it’s so hard for me to step out of my comfort zone because I’m trying to learn from a left can u help me with this from a left handed crocheted? Im writing on the website I put below.

    • I am also left handed and I follow a pattern just like a right handed person but my work just goes in the opposite direction. I love to crochet and have taught myself to read patterns and new stitches all the time. That’s my crochet success story. Thanks to people like Mikey I can appreciate it more. I hope that this helps. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it, enjoy it.

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