Crochet Celtic Lace Join / Border Pattern

Crochet Celtic Border with Celtic Lace Join
Crochet Celtic Border with Celtic Lace Join
Crochet Celtic Border with Celtic Lace Join

Crochet Celtic Lace Join / Border

The Crochet Celtic Lace Join that has an incredible border is an oldy but a goody. The border can be used on its own or you can combine it to make it join to existing Celtic lace borders if you are thinking ahead.

The border is fabulous for just one afghan but then used in combination with other motifs can be very visually appealing.

Free Pattern for the Celtic Lace. Diagram included.

I have seen where people use the same colour of yarn for the entire border but I think changing the colour can be very appealing. The Celtic Lace is shown from the edge of the gray.

The tutorial is very comprehensive and explains how you can apply the border and cheat your way to get the right count of an edge of a square. You don’t have to have a square to apply this join as long as you hit the target stitches to go across.

To this concept, you need a minimum of 5 sts. After the 5 are in, to increase the width to stay in balance, you must increase by 4 sts. So the next would be 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45, 53, 57, 61 + 4 + 4 + 4 if you can understand what I mean by increasing in 4s.

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  1. Dorothy Lowe

    Dear Mikey, please, please, please don’t delete your tutorial. I know the original idea belongs to Cypress Textiles, but you have made it into a pattern that makes sense. Plus how you have improved the instructions makes for a much more appealing finish. Please couldn’t you both share the pattern, giving credit to both parties sincerely. Dorothy (Australia).

  2. Mikey, why have you stolen my Celtic Lace Join? I am shocked by this – I wrote this pattern in 2013 – here is my pattern link. I reposted it on my new website in 2016, but you can see that the original is from 2013. It’s been worked up by many crafters and obvious that I am the designer.

    I am taken aback as you are such an influence in crochet. How could you steal someone’s idea and write it off as your own without even crediting me? The least you can do is link to my pattern. I don’t mind if you have the tutorial and the video and PDF, but it could at least include pattern credit to me, CypressTextiles.

    I think you probably know the feeling of being copied, and it does not feel good. I’m hoping you will include credit.

    Rachele Carmona

    • Mikey

      I’m checking this link now. This was written by a crocheter that submitted this to me. I had Daniel do the diagram based on that crocheter that submitted it to me.

      In the meantime, I will update put in credit but I will follow up with the person that submitted it to me for her source. If I find this was lifted from you, I will delete the tutorial and article to keep it from contaminating your original creativity.

    • Mikey

      In future, please email me directly through our site for faster attention to your issues. The commenting stay in queue until the time is found to go through them.

    • Mikey

      Rachele, I just checked with the person. The Lace was pulled from your information. I deleting my tutorial and write up because copyright is a big deal. I’m so sorry for this. This should have never happened. All the best. This is unacceptable for our website.

    • Jacqueline Robinson

      Mikey, Is the diagram not available now?

      • Mikey

        It was yes. You might have missed it as it was in the write-up. I have provided a button for you to find it easier now.

  3. Karen

    You do such a great thorough job

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