Crochet Garden Tote
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Crochet Garden Tote Bag
Crochet Garden Tote Bag

Garden Tote Bag

This is one of my most favourite cotton bags. It is sizable enough to make a gorgeous project bag that you can make yourself. It’s heavy-duty and looks amazing in the end.

This bag is ridiculously easy but oh so fabulous. One thing you are definitely going to notice is that the yarn is double-stranded. Simply means, you will use two strands at the same time. This gives the cotton bag a very durable quality to it. It’s made of cotton yarn too.

You will just need to make rectangular panels and then sew them together. It’s so easy.

If it were me, I don’t garden or go to the beach much, I totally use mine as a project bag.

Garden Tote Bag

Video Tutorial

16 thoughts on “Crochet Garden Tote Bag

  1. I am unable to find the free pattern for the crochet garden tote bag. Please help!
    I have not watched the video as I am right handed and am nervous viewing a video intended for left handed crocheters might confuse me.
    Like many others, I think this will make a fantastic project bag or for holding toiletries on short trips away.
    Either way, I am really looking forward to making this.

  2. Hi Micky, I am coming to Toronto from Texas for a visit and would like to meet you . Is it possible? Do I need an appointment? Kindly give me information. Thanks.

  3. Hi Mikey first of all I appreciate all that you do on this bag I would have liked to see how you put the purse together etc. thank you for all your help

    • Yes I agree with Debbie Denkins!! Love the Garden Bag but would like to see how you put it together. What stitches to go through, stitch or crochet it.

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