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Crochet Shadow Shells Stitch Hat
Crochet Shadow Shells Stitch Hat

Crochet Hat Project Ideas

For those of us living in a cool to colder climate, a hat is a must. Crochet hats can add a variety of flavours. From cotton based to break the chill to full on wool hats to fight against wind chill. 

To us, hats are personal in style and material types. Below are a wide range of hats for all sorts of climates.

Be inspired to create a new hat for this season. From fancy to basic ideas. Choose the right materials to make your hat. Ideas range from cotton, acrylic, animal fibers and more.

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2 thoughts on “Hats Free Crochet Patterns

  1. The first item I ever crochet was a cowl by Mikey on a u tube video. It turned out great and I was os impressed with your tupritals. So thankyou for encouraging me and so many to try to do this crocheting. It is such a soothing help to do. I have since done hats , ear warmers scarves,and pot holders, yesmaybe nto eloborate orcomplicted but very satisfying for the soul. Many thnaks for all the tutorials and making life at a very difficult time a bit more bearable.

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