Crochet Hiking Hat Pattern

Red Heart Heat Wave Hat
Red Heart Heat Wave Hat
Red Heart Heat Wave Hiking Hat

Crochet Hiking Hat

Using Red Heart Heat Wave, you can make your own Crochet Hiking Hat. Red Heart Heat Wave looks like regular yarn but warms up to 12 f degrees warmer. Using natural UV light, the fibres inside activate the heat-generating properties of the hat.

What would you do with an extra warm hat? Maybe walk the dog, enjoy the outdoors longer? This is a beginner level hat designed by Salena Baca.

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Crochet Hiking Hat Pattern

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  1. Barb turcotte

    No blue button

  2. I have gotten to the required number of repeats after the first set of 3 rows, suggested for a medium hat, but the width is only about half a hat , is it possible that the pattern means to repeat the rows alternating for example 23 rows each

  3. When you do the numbers of repeat of row 2 and row 3……, if I repeat the number example ..23 times for medium hat ….the hat is way way to narrow , could it mean repeat each row, 2 and row 3 the number of times……23 times for row 2 and 23 times for row 3 alternating? for a total of 46 rows…….which would be approximately the right width for a hat??

  4. hi my grandson really loves this hiking hat. I tried making it for him but just did not come out right sure wish you could do a quick video on its . thank you Nina [email protected]

    • Mikey

      Ill take a look and see if there is scheduling time to do a prototype and spend a day making a tutorial.

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