Crochet Pet Stocking Patterns

Crochet Pet Stocking Patterns

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For those of us who are pet lovers and have fur babies at home, our pets are our children too, so of course,

Pet Paw Stocking

Pet Paw Stocking

they are in need of their own stocking too for the Holiday when the rest of the families get put out.

Whether they are simply in need of a new one, or you have gotten a new fur addition to the family over the course of the year here are a couple of patterns suggestions for stockings to work up for them. A friend of mine made some for all her grandpuppy, it was such a cute idea.

Cat Paws Christmas Stocking

Crochet Cat Paw Stocking

Crochet Cat Paw Stocking

How cute is this Cat Paws Christmas Stocking! This stocking is so cute for the little kitty or kitties in your home. Personalize it with different colours of the fish, or stitch the kitties name on their stocking and fill it with their favourite kitty treats.

Designed by Michele Wilcox this stocking was worked up using RED HEART® Super Saver® this stocking is also a cute craft show idea as well as a gift idea for those kitties you know.

Yarnspirations Patterns

Crochet Cat Paw Stocking Pattern


Dog Paws Christmas Stocking

Crochet Dog Paw Stocking

Crochet Dog Paw Stocking

Give your pup their own something special for Christmas with this super adorable Dog Paws Christmas Stocking. Stitch their name on the stocking for a little personalization, especially if you are a multi-dog home.

Designed by Michelle Wilcox this cute stocking was worked up using Red Heart® Super Saver™. This stocking would also make a great craft show item.


Dog Paws Crochet Pattern

Download this diagram or click the picture.

Cat Paws Stocking Diagram

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Paw Stocking Diagram

By noticing where the increases start on each row, you can avoid all of the extra countings by strategically placing your stitch marker in the right stitch for the next row. In the video tutorial, as we work along in the paw stocking area, You will be shown where to put the stitch marker as we do each row. Having this diagram will save you a lot of time and grief over potentially miscounting the pattern.

The tutorial also includes the bone to sew on as well.


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