Crochet Twisting Fringe Pattern

Crochet Twisting Fringe Pattern

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Crochet Twisting Fringe

Crochet Twisting Fringe

Crochet Twisting Fringe

The blanket shown in this tutorial is called the Crochet High Tide Blanket. The number of times you need to twist is dependent on the yarn and pattern. The length of the starting loop also varies but because you don’t cut the yarn, you want to ensure the starting loop is consistent.

Genera concept is as follows:

With RS facing, join yarn with sl st to last ch of foundation ch.

1st row: Ch 1. Work 1 sc in each ch to end of chain. Turn.

2nd row: Ch 1. *(Sl st in next sc. Draw up a loop 16″ [40.5 cm] long. Twist loop 40 times. Sl st in same st, allowing twisted loop to coil around itself) twice. Sl st in next sc. Rep from * to last st. Sl st in next sc. Draw up a loop 16″ [40 cm] long.

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1 thought on “Crochet Twisting Fringe Pattern”

  1. Carolyn Thorn says:

    Thank you. This is fantastic. I H8 fringing. The process of wrapping, cutting, counting the number of yarn pieces and slipping them into place makes me crazier than I already am. I don’t even fringe my afghans anymore. This looks like it is much easier and would take less time.

    It would also wash better. Fringe gets “yukky” after a few washings.

    Y’all have a great website. Thanks a bunch.

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