Crocodile Stitch Applique Pattern

Crocodile Stitch Pillows
Crocodile Stitch Pillows
Crocodile Stitch Pillows

Crocodile Stitch Applique for Pillows

If you are looking to make something for your home that is unusual and possibly and artistic expression for your love to crochet, try the Crocodile Stitch Applique.

The Crocodile Stitch Applique is made up of two parts that are crocheted together. It’s using the same concept I did for my Crochet Christmas Tree Tutorial. The difference is that I ensured my base what a round flat continuous circle instead of a cone shape.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Crocodile Stitch Applique

I created this pillow back in 2013. I used Red Heart Treasure Yarn for my sample as the yarn really has a peaceful colour look.

Once the main flat continuous circle is done, with the nice yarn, you can crochet the crocodile stitch right into the posts on the circle and work in a continuous circle from the outside inward.

The size of the applique is dependent on the pillow you are wanting.

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Round Circle Base

  1. Ch 4, join with beginning ch to form a circle.
  2. Ch 2, 11 dc in the circle. Mark final stitch with a stitch marker. You are not to slip stitch for any further revolutions as you are just going in a continuous circle to be able to do the crocodile stitch part.
  3. 2 DC into each around.
  4. *2 DC into next, 1 DC into next. Repeat * around.
  5. *2 DC into next, 1 DC into the next 2 sts. Repeat * around.
  6. *2 DC into next, 1 DC into the next 3 sts. Repeat * around.
  7. Continue each revolution you want by increasing the next of stitches between the stitches that have 2 DC.
  8. When satisfied, fasten off.

Begin Crocodile Stitch using the Christmas Tree Tutorial. I have provided the stitch diagram to follow below.

The diagram below is what crocodile scales will do to the existing foundation. The bottoms of the crocodile scales face outward. It is much easier to crochet the stitches from the outside as you need to access the stitches properly. We continue to work on the row (crocheting left if you are right-handed or moving right if you are left-handed).
See my diagram below. Envision that you are doing this in a circle with each one of the posts being part of the circle. If you skip over 3 posts each and every time, due to the growth of the circle, the crocodile stitch will appear random and more desirable in the finished project.
The diagram was used in the Crocodile Stitch Christmas Tree and is referring to it. The stitch work is the same.
  • Finish the final scale in the middle of the circle.

Once you are done, sew on the applique to your desired pillow.

See the Video Tutorial

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