Fleecy Hair Scrunchies & Accessories

Learn how to Crochet A Fleecy Hair Scrunchie
Boutique Fleecy Yarn, Hair Scrunchie
Learn how to Crochet A Fleecy Hair Scrunchie

Hair Scrunchies

Have fun making Hair Scrunchies using a brand new yarn! Introducing Red Heart Boutique Fleecy. This is a new yarn line that is made up of fleece and is structured like Sashay.

The fleece element to this yarn provides a fun textured look while providing warmth at the same time. It’s been designed with kids in mind with playful colours. Look carefully at the picture above and you will notice the red elements are petunia flowers. The colour line is darker in nature because we know kids love to toss around their winter gear. The colours help to hide the dirt and dust.

This is considered a scarf yarn but you can do some fun things with this. Let me show you how to make a flower. You will be able to get 4 flowers out of one ball of Red Heart Boutique Fleecy Yarn.

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Materials Needed

  1. 1 Skein of Red Heart Boutique Fleecy
  2. Size G or 4.5 mm Crochet Hook
  3. Tapestry Needle
  4. Strong Thread or Yarn to form the flower.
  5. Measuring Tape


  1. Cut a strand of yarn from the Fleecy Ball that is 100″ long.
  2. Match colour of strong thread or yarn. Cut a piece that is about 2 feet long.
  3. Feed the thread or yarn through a tapestry needle.
  4. On the opposite side of the 2-foot strand, form a slip knot.

Crochet Instructions

  1. Open up the fleecy yarn to expose the loops on the top of the fleecy. Insert hook from the front to the back of the first loop. *Collect the next five loops by inserting the hook from the back to the front. On the 6th loop, insert from the front to the back and pull that loop through all loops on the crochet hook. This will leave you with one loop. Repeat * for the entire strand.
  2. On the final end of the strand, you may not have an equal amount of loops left. Continue to collect the remaining loops as normal, the final loop should be handled as if it’s the 6th loop.

Forming the Flower

  1. Carefully pinch the loop on the hook and remove the hook.
  2. Now insert the tapestry needle through that same loop. Feed the darning needle through the slip knot to secure.
  3. Now weave the darn needle through the entire chain. Do not pull anything tight until the very last chain area.
  4. Insert the tapestry needle through the center of a scrunchie or elastic. Pull tight so the fleecy forms a ball.
  5. With the tapestry needle, go in and out of a few strands to securely fasten. Tie off.


  1. Review the scrunchie to see if there are any loose ends hanging out.
  2. Look carefully for the loops to determine where you can trim it down. Review the video tutorial, near the end, on what to look for.
  3. Trim where necessary.

It’s now ready to wear! Have fun making these cute hair scrunchies.

Video Tutorials (Right and Left Hand)

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