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Learn to Crochet eBook by Mikey. Video tutorials included.

Quickly Learn to Crochet eBook

Learning to Crochet would have been a lot easier when I was fourteen if I would had someone actually ‘show me’ the techniques instead of just reading patterns and seeing diagrams. My mom was great with teaching me double crochet but that was the limit of her skills. I believe society, over time, has become more visual in mostly everything we do. Instead of just talking about it, I have created an eBook that shows you and walks you through the techniques step by step.

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  • While there have been many inquiring about this version, I am naturally right handed. I’m sorry, this book hasn’t been designed with left handed tutorials. I do have a Left Handed Video Channel teaching crochet for those who need it.

In my personal commitment to teaching crochet through free education for crocheters, it has taken me a year and a half to write and produce the content within this eBook. This book remains free to all who need it. Please feel free to download this eBook and use is as you need it. All videos will require your device to be accessible to the internet to play the videos.

Be one of the very first crocheters to review my new eBook. Happy hooking to you!

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35 thoughts on “Free Learn to Crochet Ebook by Mikey

  1. Thank you so much Mikey, what a wonderful gift.
    It’s lovely to have something at hand that is easy to follow when you just need a bit of reassurance, or even if you need to learn from scratch.
    You’re a complete star xx

  2. I love this book and was so happy when I saw the post for it, it’s just wonderful….TY for all your hard hard work and your crochet tutorials, I have learned so much from you, and I appreciate it because learning with you is FUN!!!

  3. I learned a lot from you even tho I am left handed. Especially w the looms. I’m grateful that u did something for us lefties thank u and continue wonderful work. All I have to work on is keeping ends straight and not look so crooked at edge lol.

  4. Thank you so much for not only working so hard on this e-book but for giving it out free. You are truly appreciated. There are no words that can express just how much your work means to so many of us crocheters. Thank you Mikey!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for making this, has made me want to try stitches had tried before and not ben able to do….Lesson 14 doesn’t take you to ribbed, it takes you to previous lesson of basket stitch.

  6. Great book. I’ve been crocheting, it seems like, all my life learning when I was in middle school from a cousin.

  7. Thank you Mikey!!! All of us here in NYC Love You and your wonderful and very easy to understand lessons. Congratulations on your new book. Thank you so much for bringing such goodness into our lives. Much love and good health to you and your loved ones!!!

  8. You are amazing! I am so greatful for the visuals! Omg! You are so right , just reading and trying to follow directions I never really got anywhere until i started watching your vids and other youtube tutorials , now life is good ! Thank you , you are invaluable ! Keep up the vids !

  9. I love this e-book. I started watching the videos and they give me some things I didn’t know. I do the granny squares a little different than you do but that’s okay, but I might start doing it the way you do it. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Great resource tool! Easy to understand – love the pictures. You always explain a technique so that a person can easily grasp it. I saw your video on now to knit ruffle scarves – only video that I could clearly understand. Since then I have made too many scarves to count for my family and charity. Thank you!!!

  11. How wonderful to have something like this for someone that wants to learn to crochet.
    When I was in my twenties the women I worked with all crocheted. I wanted to be able to make the beautiful things they made so I got a skein of yarn and a hook and taught myself
    Over the years I have been able to advance my skills making different things. The new fibers we have today at our disposal make he art of crochet even more desirable.
    The Internet is another wonderful resource for learning anything on might want to learn as well. Thank you Mikey for this wonderful E-book so that anyone that might want to learn to crochet will be able to learn.

  12. Love this all inclusive eBook Mikey! Just a heads up, the video link on Lesson 11 is incorrect. It says “2 Day Afghan” but it takes us to Chrysanthemum Flowers Part 1 of 3 By Bernat.

  13. Wonderful eBook! Nice to have those videos in one concise resource! Thanks for all your work & help to the crochet community around the world!

  14. Congratulations on your new book, this will many newbies to crochet as well as give us old timers a fresh review course.

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