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Crochet From The Middle Afghan

Crochet From the Middle Afghan Pattern

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From The Middle Afghan A new pattern featuring Caron Chunky Cakes. Introducing the From The Middle Afghan. The yarn is doing the work here with an easy to follow the

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Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath

Crochet Circle Of Skulls Wreath Pattern

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Halloween is fast approaching, and you can definitely feel the change in the air it’s time to get those spooky decorations ready! If you are looking for a fun wreath

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Michael Sellick aka Mikey

Who is Michael Sellick: Crochet Designer

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Mikey, known at Michael Sellick Michael is one of the leading global teachers online for teaching and sharing crochet ideas. Crochet has been part of his life since he was

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Caron Cotton Cakes at Michaels Stores

Caron Cotton Cakes – BIG FORMAT

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Caron Cotton Cakes Caron Cotton Cakes returns this spring back at Michaels Stores across North America. Stores are currently resetting and getting in their new yarn to put onto the

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Crochet Intermediate Level Projects

Crochet Intermediate Projects

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Crochet Intermediate Projects Projects designed to challenge with some thought and usage of different skills within a project. Determined beginners have an opportunity to move to this level. Other Crochet

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The Crochet Crowd Yarn Studio

The Crochet Crowd Studio

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Nova Scotia – The Crochet Crowd Studio The Crochet Crowd Studio is located in the village of Greenwich, Nova Scotia. In spring 2020, the studio was converted back to being

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DIY: Crochet Finishing Technique

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In September 2013, my technique and the way I finished my projects were forever changed. The way I was finishing off my projects with just a simple sleight of hand

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Lion Brand Health

10 Most Important Health Benefits

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Health Benefits with Yarn We all know that crochet and knitting have fabulous health benefits. Kathryn Vercillo wrote a blog that appears on Lion Brand’s Website titled 10 Most Important

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beach sunset colour combo

Yarn Weights with Australian, UK and USA

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What Are The Equivalent Yarn Weights? We receive this type of question every day from fans around the world. The Crochet Crowd, being Canadian, we have access to yarns that

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Crochet Crowd, Vanna White

Mikey The Star Struck Fool Meets Vanna White

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Have you ever been starstruck? If you have been, you will totally relate to the inside story I am about to share with you. The Crochet Crowd officially joined marketing

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