Who is Daniel Zondervan: Crochet Designer

Daniel Zondervan
Daniel Zondervan
Daniel Zondervan

Daniel Zondervan: Crochet Designer

Daniel Zondervan, life partner of Michael Sellick, was thrown into the yarn arts through meeting each other and Michael already on his way into the yarn community forums. Daniel originally was conducting and performing music in the classical, period music and leading choirs with vocals and bells. Having graduated university with music as his foundation, life moves on, attitudes change and within a couple years of ‘the boys’ meeting each other. Daniel found himself in an out-dated career path and decided to move on. Daniel retired completely from the music profession, giving away his instruments.

Others In Our Team

  1. Jeanne Steinhilber – Crochet Designer
  2. Michael Sellick – Crochet Designer

With Daniel’s skills of community development in developing his own orchestra, the skills learned through community outreach and even coordination were learned. His knowledge in this field helped steer the way for Michael in the creation of The Crochet Crowd. The company name, The Crochet Crowd, was conceived by Daniel.

Behind the scenes, Michael and Daniel, are referred to as ‘the boys’ with sponsors and real-time friendships. With The Crochet Crowd building as we attended a major crafting show together, Creativ Festival, it was obvious that skills that neither knew had to be learned. Daniel’s creativity is much stronger than Michaels in putting together yarns, colours and ideas. He has one strong addiction, Pinterest. He hangs off Pinterest in looking for garden and cooking ideas every evening.

Daniel Zondervan in Office
Daniel Zondervan in Office

Daniel remains behind the scenes most of the time. He is responsible for content coordination, live event coordination and graphics. Daniel is self taught in every sense of technology he uses. From the free eBooks, cruise pattern books to specialized graphics used in our business, Daniel is constantly learning. In fact, in this part of the business, Daniel has excelled through learning by using YouTube Free Tutorials for the programs. While Michael’s specialty is programming, video creation and social engagement, Daniel’s creativity of putting fun graphics together is invaluable.

Daniel will see stitch ideas and come up with conceptual ideas to share with the team. Some of the designs we have done have been inspired by his thoughts which have materialized to be winners.

The Crochet Cruises is managed by Daniel from The Crochet Crowd perspective. In arranging with our agent the final details during the 18 months leading up to the cruise. He is responsible for the content direction and much more. With his knowledge of forming an orchestra and doing community events, his knowledge in making arrangements and following through is required to produce the events.

What is Daniel’s Passion?

Daniel Zondervan Garden
Daniel Zondervan Garden

So does Daniel crochet? He can, but doesn’t much as he prefer his past time be spent on garden and landscape design. While in university, he had jobs in a garden shop and then in green houses. One of the jobs he had was to pollinate the tomato plants so they would produce later on in the season. He had a pollinating wand and enjoyed the job.

This lead him to garden design where he not only carefully thinks about each plant and tree on paper but also implements the idea with his own hands. He prefers to do the work himself as his level of detail has to be achieved to match his desires. He’s known to move plants by inches away from each other if he stands back to judge his own work.

With the help of Pinterest, books and personal interest at the garden centres, he takes time to know the plants. He doesn’t just buy a tree, he knows exactly what size the tree will grow. What types of soil is prefers and whether he is capable of growing it in the garden or not.

Online Interaction

Daniel is an online gawker, not a participator for the most part. He leaves the social interaction to the rest of the team as he is busy with the graphics and more behind the scenes. Just know, a lot of what you see is inspired by Daniel.


  1. Lorie Mynatt

    I can understand Dan’s love of garden design and plants. I have often looked at garden and a way so color with God’s crayons.

    • Rita Raines

      Love the boys and have learned so many new stitches since joining Crochet Crowd. Appreciate both of them greatly.

      • Mikey and Dan are both pretty amazing people and both very creative.

  2. Claire

    Daniel, first that is an absolutely fabulous picture of you…very distinguished. Thank you for letting all of us see more of what you do behind the scenes. I knew there was more to you than our mutual love of gardening. My garden is nothing compared to the architectural design that you have created. I hope to personally see your garden one of these years as I assume it will grow into quite a piece of art work.
    Love ya’

  3. Lou

    Thank you for giving me the inspiration to continue bettering my skills that I started as a Girl Scout but had let life interrupt my enjoyment and fulfillment that crocheting had given me. Going back has been amazing.

  4. Leslie

    From one gawker to another. ?

  5. Kim Mowry

    The crochet crowd taught me how to crochet !!

  6. sue gallus

    Thank you for giving us all this little insight into Daniek- the man behind the scenes.

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    Thank you Daniel and Michael the the rest of the Crochet crowd!! Love your videos and learn alot from you all!!

    Thank you!

  8. Jeanette Watson

    Love finding out more about Daniel. Love all the hard work he does .

  9. Mary Mc

    The” team” is perfect what more can we ask for? Love you all no mater what job is your forte’ !!!
    Mary in Georgia

  10. Jodi Fuller

    You have both amazed me for years with your creativity. Without photo’s of what Daniel has done with your garden over time, I would never have taken up gardening in my 40’s. I learnt to crochet 20 years ago, and with Crochet Crowd patterns and support, I was able to move away from the basics. Thanks to both of you, and your team.

  11. Elysse Coomes

    Thanks to the marvellous ‘boys’ I can crochet many items for my children, family & friends, I also have a little side project where I sell my items which helps to provide for my family.

    Your videos, the crochet crowd Facebook group & tutorials helped me not only learn to crochet but help me cope with my home being flooded, keeping my my mind & hands busy during difficult times or or days. Being a mum to a blended family of 7 children I need something for my & crochet is my thing thanks to you both.

    Much love from Australia ??

  12. Deborah Springall

    Thank you Daniel, Michael and Jeanne for all you do for us on this site. i love seeing all the projects you do for us and wish to someday go on a cruise with you all. Would never have done what I have without your inspiration of this site and your patterns.


  13. Cathy Gregoire

    Enjoyed reading about Daniel a his bio.

  14. Joann Theede

    Thank you for letting us get to know you more. I am always searching Pinterest for new ideas. I haven’t went on YouTube much but think I am going to go look there now. I enjoy seeing your videos and posts. Thank you!!

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    One day I would love to go on your cruise and meet the both of you.
    Thanks for sharing your stories also.

  19. Isaoglu Petra

    Hello Michael and Daniel, lovelies greeting from Germany ?

    I would like to say thank you for your passion (hard work) you put in The Crochet Crowd.

    I followed you right at the beginnings, and I’m not tired at all. Learned lot’s and lot’s, enjoying crocheting and knitting.

    You both and the Crowd brings me through hard times, thank you for this.

    Will hope we all can enjoy your nice patterns, videos and ideas for long, long time more.

    Thanks for letting us know who you are ?

    Hopefully you all didn’t getting tired of being our leaders.

    Hardly regret’s

    Petra Isaoglu

  20. Sharon Boyd

    You “boys” make a great team and so many of us have enjoyed your videos and look forward to seeing and learning more about you guys in the future. Not only do you teach us new things but you also always put a smile on our faces. Good luck in all your future endeavours

  21. Pat Lewi

    Having met Daniel last August in Toronto, I thoroughly enjoyed bantering with him and I love seeing the video-vinettes and behind the scenes footage he is in. Once an artist – always an artist. Music is no different for creativity than other forms of arts. It is great to learn more about Daniel. I know he was passionate about his Ontario garden, and I think that your property in NS will blossom over the next few years as he digs in. Thanks for the bio 🙂

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  24. Anne Marie Foley

    I enjoy watching your videos. I need new ideas.

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    Congratulations on the new web site. I can’t wait to check it out.

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    My husband doesn’t get it, but he’s still good with it, because I’m not talking while I’m working on a project. lol Any way, you have made me more inspired by your videos, live chats and so much more. Thank You for all you do for the Crochet Crowd it TRULY has blessed the world with you spunk.

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    I love it that you guys are passing along this wonderful craft. I’ve been crocheting for 53 years myself, and I have taught several people how to do so as well. I feel almost like it’s a sacred trust to share our knowledge and skills so they are not lost for future generations. Knowledge lost is a true tragedy. Thank you for your beautiful skills and for paying it forward, so others can learn to love and enjoy them as well.

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