Mardi Gras Crochet Pattern Book
Mardi Gras Crochet Pattern Book
Mardi Gras Crochet Pattern Book

Free Crochet Cruise Mardi Gras Pattern Book

Our focus was New Orleans with Mardi Gras for February 2019 Crochet Cruise. What better way to celebrate artistry, creativity and colour. The Crochet Mardi Gras Pattern Book was written for the Crochet Cruisers. Sponsored by JOANN Fabric & Craft.

The book is written by Michael Sellick, Daniel Zondervan, Jeanne Steinhilber and extra content provided by Yarnspirations. You can learn more about our Crochet Cruises here.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free eBook: Crochet Mardi Gras eBook

The book has patterns to learn how to do tapestry crochet, shawls, bags, pillow, scarf, heart, jester hat, dishcloth, and Bernat Alize Blanket-ez projects such as a cowls.

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The book also have Mikey’s workshop notes such as abbreviations testing and diagram reading that were talked about on board.

Hardcopies from The Crochet Crowd are not available. Through JOANN sponsorship, they printed off a book for each of our cruisers with nothing left to spare. I printed off two books here at home with Staples and hand them coil bound. You can download the book and take it to a printer shop on magazine quality paper if you would like to print your own copy. Or just print it on your home computer. Warning, the book is very colourful and will suck up ink.

Download This Free eBook

Click the cover to view, download or print this free eBook. The file is large as it’s high resolution. It may take a minute or so to download. So be patient.

Crochet Cruise Pattern Book: Mardi Gras
Crochet Cruise Pattern Book: Mardi Gras

(There may be grammar or errors in this book, this book is free, so there should not be any complaints about that.)

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7 thoughts on “Free Crochet Cruise Mardi Gras Pattern Book

  1. Wiw! You are sharing your cruise fun with all of us??!!! How so very kind of you. Thank you, thank you. Waut, free of charge?? I feel like I won the lottery. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful patterns.

  2. For the life of me I’ll never understand why people complain when someone does nice things for you, then makes it available for free?

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