Red Heart Sashay Frilly Scarf Pattern

Red Heart Sashay Frilly Scarf Pattern

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Knit Sashay Scarf

Knit Sashay Scarf

Red Heart Sashay Frilly Scarves

We are speculating with an educated guess that Red Heart Sashay is probably America’s most purchased and used yarn of all of the ruffle yarns on the market. Using only 6 stitches across, you will get nearly 1 foot of extra scarf length from 1 ball in comparison to other brands on the market. Chances are that if you are seeing someone wearing a ruffle scarf, it is probably Red Heart’s Sashay.


  1. Cast on 6 Stitches. To cast on, slip your knitting needles 6 of the loops that on are the thin edge. The loops on the Sashay are smaller than competitors. You are going to want to skip every other loop.
  2. Knit using the outer loops only. When working across the row, use every other loop. The loops are small that skipping one on the row will still produce a fabulous scarf. I have a video showing this method but demonstrating it with Pirouette where the loops are much bigger. Ensure you skip over loops when following this video. See below for Video.
  3. Knit back and forth until you get your desired length. Yarn ball will take you about 5 feet in length.
  4. Cast Off and weave in the ends like you normally would in knitting. The last stitch, slide the remaining yarn through it and tie a knot. The ruffle will cover the knot.

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