Crochet Baby Warrior Helmet Hat Pattern

Crochet Baby Warrior Helmet Hats
Crochet Baby Warrior Helmet Hats
Crochet Baby Warrior Helmet Hats

Baby Warrior Helmets

Obviously not your typical baby hat to have a warrior hat. Isn’t creativity neat when we can expand our ideas to potentially do something different?

I really like the blue version. Imagine the idea for Halloween or maybe just as a surprising hat that other people wouldn’t expect to see.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Baby Warrior Helmet Hats

Looking for a fun and different hat? This may be a great candidate. Get these free patterns, it’s called Baby Warrior Helmets.

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  1. Barb turcotte

    No blue button


    no blue button

  3. Geneva

    Hi Mikey
    I have been crocheting since I was 12 my mother taught me I didn’t do it much cause of things that got in my way school and other things I got back into crocheting after I left home I moved in with an older man I picked crocheting back up when we worked at a camp then stop for a while then got back into crocheting when I meet my husband I crochet off an on for a while then really got back about 20 years ago I am 61 years old I love making new things and old ones I make to give away and sell both of my girls know how to crochet my oldest has gotten into crocheting more now she is 30 years old my youngest is 26 I have a grandson 6 years old. Mikey when did you start The Crochet Crowd your business

    • Mikey

      Hey Geneva, I started in 2010 officially but was just a teaching hobby starting in 2008. It took until 2012-2013 before anyone took me seriously. It was tough to keep going at times.

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