Yarn Bombing for Charity

The Controversy of Yarn Bombing

Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

Thanks for visiting my website, TheCrochetCrowd.com. I've been crocheting since I was 14 years old and genuinely excited by yarn and projects to crochet. Serving the globe has it's challenges in reaching audiences of difference languages and cultures but it's remarkable all the same. One of the best elements of crochet is that yarn and project ideas know no borders. Join our learning channel on YouTube, look up "How to Crochet with The Crochet Crowd" and our entire free library of tutorials is waiting for you to enjoy. Subscribe to our channel to be the first to know when new projects are released.

5 thoughts on “The Controversy of Yarn Bombing

  • March 31, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    Mikey and Dan,
    I found The Crochet Crowd just in the last six months or so and was totally amazed at the patterns and videos. I’ve been crocheting for many years, but nothing like this. Today I came across the yarn bombing articles and videos. I know you are talented, but this just absolutely blew me away. I have so much more to learn, but until I do, I will be happy crocheting using
    the knowledge I now have from you. Thank you so much. Blessings to you both.

  • March 30, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    I think your work is great. I love the site.I think your bike, and all your other projects you create are fantastic. Bomb On Mikey.

  • June 5, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    I love free form yarn art

  • May 28, 2014 at 11:57 am

    I love free form. I also do bead work in free form, and I am trying my hand at free form quilting. It makes me think so much more, than following a pattern, although following a pattern gives me great results also (that giraffe is so darned cute!!). So, just keep doing what you do. Don’t second guess yourself. If someone doesn’t like what YOU do, that is THEIR problem, not yours! You go Mikey!!!!!

  • May 28, 2014 at 11:06 am

    First, I want to say I love the site, your YouTube videos and the FB page.

    Now, onto the topic.

    “In the yarn world, it seems to be okay to criticize others for wasting yarn.” Really? Are these critics paying for your yarn (or anyone else’s for that matter)? If not, not to be rude but they need to “shut it”. For one thing, they’re showing their ignorance as fibers have been used, pretty much since the beginning of their existence. Not just to provide clothing for humans but to decorate our homes (or caves 😉 ), horse buggies, etc.

    Second, again, if you’re not taking the yarn from their stash or they’re not paying for your yarn, what business is it of theirs how you use it?

    You keep doing what you’re doing and try to ignore the nay sayers.

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